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  1. 110 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    Hey guys, I just have a small attend. I am actually not sure, if its intended to have a small delay in the Godsend Ghost Spear, or if its just because there is a "cooler" Animation for it. The point is. Myself and some other player like f.e. FizzKhalifa would love to have a Ghost Spear Godsend with the same animation as the Ghost Spear Emperor. I m fine with how it is like now, but i dont see any reason for the delay in the Spell. And i even thought about just using the Emperor just because it doesnt have the delay. Maybe there is a chance to change the skill animation to the one that Emperor (and all other Ghost spear spells have). But If there is a reason for the delay, then np you guys are doing great work. Thats it. Still great work on this server! sincerely Liliana
  2. There is definetly an issue with the amount of Copper Coins , that you can farm/get right now. The prices increase way too high. But everyone knows that, and you guys definetly aswell. I just have some small suggestions, that maybe help you guys out, in finding some solutions. 1. FGW is almost dead right now, 14 coins for 8 people and the chance to drop an outdated talisman etc does not make the people want to go fgw. If there is no guild party or something like that you need like an hour to find a party : soo another increase on teh drops, and a save amount of coins given by an achievement for FGW runs : something like 5 runs, 15 copper for example will bring some activity back to FGW. Which will also help in decrease the big prices for % scrolls or things like that, since there will be way more platinum boxes. 2. Probably just add a chance of Platinum boxes to get a bundle of copper coins(coins). That will also increase the FGW rate, and help to bring some more party activity in the server. 3. You could add some kind of trading patterns in the coin system. Maybe arena coins for other coins. Or just coins for coins in a certain scale. So that unique hunting will be more rewarded, when you farm alot of silver to get some copper for that (f.e.) 4. Give Copper coins to a higher range of Targets. Maybe just add some drop chances to job cave monsters, Or add some Job Cave/Jobbing quest for coins. The job cave is mostly empty, if there will be a good chance to get some coins in it, there is the chance to revive the activity in this area. Additionally great work guys, Server is a lot of fun Greetz Liliana