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  1. Hello Sir.. I saw when i created new char i didn't found any premuim Plus 6 days or only 3 days, I thought this game gives silk auto per hour, after that i taked long time to be Lv100 and the Drop rate is very low with limited ip and accounts, before game open i created like 12 accounts to me and to my brothers and friends after that u maked game limited ip & account with the low drop rate why idk >> ( you have a choice between High drop rate or make it or maked limited ip and account but not like this lol its not isro its private server 4fun not 4bored ) all ppl told me to send u this and we will see if there's no changes here in this game we will leave cuz we dont have time to waste it in this shit they already made donation in this server but np we need to have fun.. your rules with low drop rate and limited ip with limited account its sound like you created this game only for ppl who can donate.. Anyway i know maybe u will delete this Post without any reply but i already taked ss cuz if u do that i will post this in all forums and telling ppl about ur bored game, Thanks and hope u read carefully and do changes... 16 chars online in game 18h per days farming all days like 2 weeks to only get 56 elixir weapon and 21 lucky stones?!! is it a real good drop rate?!! >> That's fair?!!!
  2. Hello Sir. I wanna asking about that, I have an account in Electus new server with a good character name so can i selling it for items or silk in the game? its allowed?!! And it's allowed to global it in game or just here and on Discordapp ??!!
  3. Registration Problem

    ?? any Feedback?
  4. Registration Problem

    ID > RobinHood Current email > New email address >
  5. Registration Problem

    Help Plz.. I have problem in Registration when i was creating account i make it a Username true & Pw true but i make it a wrong email , There's anyway to reset or to change email for this account? because i can't register again with the same username again.