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  1. Suggestion for new Update

    Hello.. I see after moon SOS will be nothing and I already have a SOS BOW +11 , and my friends has sos items +10 & +8 &+9 SO i see it will be fair if you add in Item mall New Switcher ( Sos to Eden OR Alpha ) for 10k OR 5k Silk Because after moon i will lose all my money in game and my friends too will lose alot of money maybe they leave game, So i see its a good idea for players to donate more silks to buying this SWitcher from item mall.. I see it will be good for this prices >> Switcher from SOS item OR weapon TO Eden > FOR 10k silk & Switcher from SOS ( item OR weapon ) TO Alpha (SOA) > FOR 5k Silk Help use and add this to next update because alot of ppl donated already from 3months more than 50k~ 100k and they will lose all money after moon Thanks