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  1. After you lowed the Bloody defence from 1800 to 1400 now you did the worst possible thing to glaivers... to cancel bloody after using shield ... that means Glaivers got 0 defence in pvp/Jon/Arena literally 0000000 I have set sos/soa/SOM+7 and i get 30k fking 30k dmg from a sword moon +8 ... he has Snow/Iron ++ DMG ...he has snow and iron not even 3-4 crits wont even move his HP ...and in 1 min im dead cuz i cant defend myseld form that dmg Its not possible that SS are so overpowerd and you kill Glaivers ... and dont even answer me we you want to say that its perfectly balanced ! And btw as i sayed all this stuff in Discord Main launge .. Yukie answered me that a " glaiver " won pvp event... are you fking serious ? i find this a answer a fking joke cuz Yukie and you and all server knows that we dont habe the Money to spend on a game like Pazos... so stop making this game only for Doners... I write a global about Coins that its impossible to farm in 1 week 360 Cooper coins and silver for 2 items Moon ! ITS IMPOSSIBLE !! do you want to know how many ppl pmed me with +1 ??? there are lots of ppl who play 12-13-14-15 Hours a day and even like this they cant farm those coins ONLY IF YOUR A FKING DONATORRRR not everybody have 1k silk to buy 100 fking cooper coins...