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    That's easy to answer. Old alchemy system %100 NOT P2W expect premium devil etc. Non-tradable sox items (boxes shouldn't tradable also) Not after 2-3month server die, people want to stay long time in a server Medusa must be indispensable of the game. There should be ROC quest which is gives those stones : Magic stone of Sharpness(add critical on weapon) Magic stone of Guardian(add reduce stun resist on acc's) Magic stone of Devil(add on chest for increase hp - mp) Magic stone of Abbys(add on earring for Combustion Probablty) Magic stone of Incandescence(add on acc's for Disease Resist) Magic stone of IronHeard(add on acc for fear resist) Magic stone of Sorrow(add on acc for sleep resist) Sos drop rate on uniques(so low chance) People don't want to play in a game for p2w.They want to get the value of their labor. They want to play international server but they don't to lose anything because of country economy.