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  1. Revision - No More Astrals!

    Keep the good job up
  2. Electus Server Dungeon (NEW!)

    Sounds great!!

    Hello all, I played this game so many years ago and like many of you say, one of the things that kept you going in iSRO is the evolution that you saw in your char. It was difficult to evolve and get strong in the game and this made you want to keep going. I don't think that it's a matter of leveling up, its a matter of evolving. I would show somehow that this game is for long term, not like every other private server where a decent SRO player would be top 10 in 2 months. therefore thats my first point: long term. The second think that's boring about other private servers and not about Electus is the amount of events that there are that make this game fun and unique every event. Survival, Battle royal... this should DEFINATELY go on the video. Jobbing is great and its something that was fun also in SRO, therefore i would put an epic job war on the video. one of those DW south job wars, plan it, record it and make it epic, that attracts everyone. another thing i like is the possibility to have every Dg weapon. Flash some players who have different D weapons, making it look iteresting and epic. and OF COURSE, what's really differentiating you guys from other servers is the poppulation. i have been looking for SO long for a server where you press E and you find >2 pages... include the ammount of players in the server, that's definately a hook!! i think thats all guys. Hope my comments are useful. Best regards