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  1. Revision Open Beta PVP Tournament

    Charname: Himka Build: Warrior/Cleric Equipment: Light Armor
  2. I want to live in a world where party buffs don't matter, can we achieve that for once in sro ? Its always the case with EU Buffs they are overpowered no matter what you do with it, on top off a Super Donator its horrible, there should be a nerf but this time on DEFENCE! make all the characters squishy, like in battle field you die from 2 3 hits. leaving the damage high on all characters meaning it doesn't really matter if you're Wiz, Warrior or Nuker, you're all squishy and can do damage to each other so its really down to the style of character you enjoy playing with, as long as you don't mind there are threats everywhere and anyone can kill you. Here comes the set difference where pro players can shine. Also we can introduce a new damage system where Ignore and Critical is allowed on players! Meaning Int Players can do Ignore damage vs Players in PVP, Jobbing and FW and STR can do 1 HIT Critical.
  3. Revision - Electus Server Dungeon (NEW!)

    I like this idea I feel WOW VIBES COMING! that's cool though if SRO turned into another game, we need a change for SURE, Raids? One more thing you mentioned Pay2Win vs Play2Win Gap, it can be fixed if the drops and rewards didn't count on your Wep damage for example: If the unique drops are given to last hit party, so it doesn't matter if you have a full donator pt, you create a party with your friends, whoever last hits the unique takes all the drops. Of course you will have multiple unique for each party to at least secure some drop. Last unique can be free for all meaning all drops are shared with whoever is there.