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    Hello my character name is Vitiq. I have a suggestion regarding new FGW rewards distribution. The reason for this is: 1. All the fighting,swearing and cursing in the 1hour dungeon experience is mostly related to the loot distribution. The moment someone loots something that shouldn't have been looted, the cursing begins. Threats to ban people from the party, calling each other idiot, actually banning and then asking if you would do it again. This type of loot distribution creates the most toxic 1 hour of gameplay that I have ever experienced. 2. The Jupiter - fight. There are 2 scenarios here (if you are with a random group, which is the case for the majority of the player-base) 2.1. You die and you don't get any loot, since you didn't get ressed. Again the item distribution mechanic in the game. 2.2. You don't die, but one player starts picking up everything from Jupited chaotically and everyone follow. This leads to not equal and fair distribution of 1 box for each player as I'm assuming it should be. 3 What is the problem with that? - I have done 4 dungeons overall. 3.1. Number 1 (the first one ever) was the one I died at the end and didn't get ressed which resulted in 0 loot, since items are not distributed to dead characters.. 3.2. Number 2 was a chaotic Jupiter loot where I got a Diamond box. 3.3. Number 3 was a chaotic loot in which I didn't get anything. 3.4. Number 4 was the same as number 3. So from 4 runs and 4 hours spend in the game where I was supposed to have fun and leave with rewards related to my time spent. I went out with a blown head from the whole negativism and swearing during these 4 hours and with close to nothing loot. Oh and I also didn't have fun, but I felt like it can be enjoyable. 4 In my opinion everything that is ruining the FGW dungeon is the looting system. Why is there no problem in GS. Nobody is ever toxic, because you go for the SP and you get it THROUGH QUEST. 4.So my suggestion is why not make the DIAMOND/PLATINUM boxes be a reward from quest for killing Jupited. 4.1 Question asked by - @Truc "So from FGW 1* you get 8 boxes" - No! SUGGESTION You can make the quest have a chance to drop DIA/PLAT BOXES. FGW 1* - Quest gives a chest that has 10% to give plat and 10% to give diamond and 50% fail. FGW 1* - Quest gives a chest that has 25% to give plat and 25% to give diamond and 50% fail. FGW 3* - Quest gives a chest that has 50/50 for diamond or plat (as it is intended now, but now working at all how you want it to). Please consider this idea as I think it will be really benefical for every on who is playing with randoms. It is a super easy solution to a bit part of the game which currently make it REALLY TOXIC. Wish you a nice day and hope this suggestion will be reviewed.