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  1. Accepting Suggestions "GAIA"

    1 more thing, can you add hp and mp recovery grains to npc? and vigor pots aswell.
  2. Accepting Suggestions "GAIA"

    add SOE A eq changers, enable attack pets with trader transport, add accessory avatar blues on wing dresses, I wanna wear the current black angel wings but dont coz no stats from accesory, enable pickpets in job, increase the silk speed buff duration, or reduce its price, since some builds have built in speed buffs, others have to buy this so make it more accessable please
  3. Accepting Suggestions "GAIA"

    Dont know if someone else suggested, but it would be nice if new players had some sort of catchup system, at least regarding EP, I have a lot of friends who I invited to the server, and more are comming, but they are hella behind, some sort of event for everyone to get their EP up, or simply removing the daily limit and let ppl trade as much as they can/want, I think this is important, since players get bored and quit, so it would be a way for new people to come and can enjoy the server
  4. Accepting Suggestions "GAIA"

    sent this to yukie on discord, but will post also on official suggestion, now that its up, make an npc trader with lots of hp and it regenerates if out of combat for 1 min or so ofc... trading the longest route possible, like jangan to constantinopole, big reward for every trader/hunter that is in its radius when it reaches its destination, maybe make it that players need to be in its radius for more than 20 min alltogether so it cant be abused by ppl just waiting for it at the end, its 40% faster than regular behemoth, if a thief attacks it it loses the speed buff, so players need to protect it, and if no traders/hunters around it, it stops, also a huge reward if thiefs manage to kill it, like some sort of weekly/daily event or smt. also would be nice to remove or increase daily job limit, coz there are a lot of new players, the global stays so everyone can catch up... or for example ppl who work during the week, they can do more trades on the weekend to catch up.. maybe some recruit a friend option, like if a player brings his friend with a special invitation link created by his acc they both get some cosmetic reward, mby an untradeable character visual or smt enable pickpet in job mode, and attack pet when ur on camel maybe make some euro buffs like holy spell or holy recovery division last longer and persist through death/teleport like chinese buffs