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  1. Accepting Suggestions "GAIA"

    Hello Electus You know what? you need to add some cool shit in this server, some fuckin' suspenseful shit First of all, get all of these guys who are still playing in GAIA a gentle gift in their inventories. and let's get started -Change job rates (Faster but Harder) 4-5 runs for a trader, hunter or a thief to finish his daily limit would be enough but a 5* trade will cost more gold and being sold for bigger amount of gold too so its kinda risky losing the money and being robbed by a thief or what ? a trader will have to go with the caravan, cuz it's a big risk to go alone. and hunters will be more interested to protect caravans and not just afk and about thieves ? they will really try hard .. (allow trace mode while jobbing, you don't need to restrict anyone) (Increase trans HP) (Allow traders to be able to buff hunters while on trans since thieves can buff each other and that's kinda unfair, 1 thief with buffs can solo kill 2-3 hunters) or you can fully ban certain buffs such as warrior buffs and int str buffs while jobbing outside job cave. -Add a real strong unique (i suggest Seth). (STR, INT) that spawn (all over the map) yes all the towns! in an unexpected time between 20 to 24h that drops rare stuff like (ep scroll, sp scroll, gold coin, electus box, a lot of coins and more). -Battle Royale. One of the most enjoyable events i ever played in Silkroad! Add one more Battle Royale round during the day, total of 3 and add more rewards to it such as sp, ep scrolls and ingame silks the point of adding more rewards is to avoid the huge drop of players that happen after a while when the reward become not worthy. -Give a little more extra reward for those who are higher in rank (job rank) than the lower ones and i would suggest to add from level 2 ~ 3 you get extra 10% gold for delivering a trade (for a trader or a thief) and for hunters (after 7 traders in your pt sell their loot) from level 4 ~ 6 you get extra 20% gold & 1 arena coin for delivering a trade from level 6 ~ 8 you get extra 30% gold & 1 arena coin 1 copper coin 1 silver coin for delivering a trade from level 8 ~ 10 you get extra 35% gold & 3 arena coin 2 copper coin 1 silver coin 1 iron coin for delivering a trade that will make players more interested to level up and stick to jobbing with their main characters and not use gbot characters for jobbing. -Allow Old&New pvp capes in the server, it's really nice to pvp with your customized avatar on. -Add 500k sp to the winner party of every random battle arena that because some of the new comers cannot join godsend or entering job cave to farm sp since they are still have no good gear so battle arena will help a bit about that and 2m sp for guild battle arena winner party would be nice too. -In future, instead of adding HWT for elixirs/coins and sp ep quests that ppl will just go there and start their bots in until its done is kinda boring and waste of time. Add the rewards of the quests from HWT to > Godsend dungeon and make it harder to play i think its better to waste 1h of playing electus hunting uniques, joining battle arena / ctf or jobbing instead of going afk for an hour with a pt in HWT. -I have a full plan of Legendary Skills for both Europe and Chinese races (especially europe) that i just imagined in my mind and that is fuckin' terrible (if needed, an admin should contact me for more details) i'm a bit high rn .. so forgive me if i talk any shit to you fellas.