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  1. Oasis Suggestion

    Dear electus staff i would like to suggest few things for the futur server ''Oasis'': -Could you please make a ''Premium" as a requirement to join Thief job union because unfortunetly alot does join the job only to sell the slots for silks which is basicly not allowed we do want jobbing be balanced and much way fun then it used to be on Electus Servers so by making such things it will be less complains about slots and players will have fun to switch the job whenever they want without waiting for days. -Fix the Snow bug in such areas like Battle Arena for exemple because it won't be funny revive once your dead and bug ur snow , INT players will dominate in such events. -Make the 2 Rare Talismans UNTRADABLE because if it's tradable then we have to admit that there are no serious changes concerning the 2nd SOX item in the game , WE DON'T WANT 3 PAY2WIN SOX ITEMS ON THE SERVER TBH. ELECTUS much love from Violence <3