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  1. Babel Server, Fortress War Competition War #1 and #2 took place in a fair way and prize (cash) paid to the winner guilds. This week, we have spotted two unions merging/teaming up and violating the rules set for FW Cash reward. The guild who occupied Hotan Fortress ''HallOfFlame'' will not receive the winner prize because of violating the following rule; As Electus Team, our goal is to provide a fair-play environment and rewarding our community. It's our responsibility to monitor the events and take action where necessarily. On the date of 17/07/2020, the violation of event rule was 100% obvious EarthGh0st guild (HallOfFlame's previous guildname) was teaming up with HallOfFlame. This is final decision and and will not change. HOW DID WE MAKE THE DECISION? The decision was based on admins monitoring the fortress war first of all. We witnessed obvious teaming up by EarthGh0st guild backing up HallOfFlame. With no doubt, they were in contact before and during the war. We also received media from the fortress war participants which supported the decision we made. We have stored and backed up all required proof in case it's necessary to make another public announcement and will share it where necessary. UPDATED DECISION: HallOfFlame guild won the fortress war as a part of the game. However, they did not win FW Competition and will not receive the FW Competition Cash ($2000) because they violated the contest rules / did not comply with the rules. FW COMPETITION RULES (CLICK ON ME) Fortress ownership will be removed from HallOfFlame and the next Fortress Wars will take place in Bandit or Jangan. This will be determined on weekly update (changelog). Owner of mentioned guild below is also banned permanently for provoking and spreading false information on Elitepvpers. Electus Team will not tolerate any individual or guild to spread false information on socials. We will continue to follow our fair-play environment with these decisions. If the same guilds provocate and cause cancellation of FW Competition 1 more time, they will be disqualified from the FW competition completely and receive account penalties on top. We have made numerious announcements and warnings about ''Teaming Up'' situation before server release, during Babel Server on Discord/Ingame and also before the fortress war start. Therefore responsibility of these consequences explained above is on the guilds who violated the rules.

    Hello and welcome to very first server update for Babel With this server update, we are going to enable more events and will make some changes to quest system at Dungeons. (FGW/Godsend). But first, let us introduce the newest event, the biggest upcoming meta of pSRO ''Server Dungeon'' and the other activated events today; Server Dungeon is activated (First Server Dungeon Run at 20:00) Server Dungeon Info + Drops: https://bit.ly/ElectusServerDungeon Electus Underground is activated Survival Arena Activated. All Survivals are SOLO. Party & Team will be added on Thursday. Alchemy Event is activated Squid Game Event is activated (500 Electus Cash Reward per winner) Modifications Increased Magic Stone drop rate once again with +15% for 94-100 mobs (All have same rate) Increased NPC item drop rate once again with +35% Reduced Vigor Grain price by -25% Reduced HP-MP price by 5% Reduced entry fee for Server Dungeon from 20M to 10M gold Diamond Box Success rate reduced from 25% to 23% Godsend Dungeon Quest #4 [Kill Shadow Spirit 4 Times > Kill Shadow Spirit 5 Times] Forgotten World 1* Quest is removed from Quest NPC. Drops: Jupiter 1* will drop 2 Copper Coins, 1 platinum box and 15% diamond box drop chance Forgotten World 2* Quest [Kill 3x Jupiter 2* > Kill 5x Jupiter 2*] Quest Rewards: 3x Platinum Box, 1x Diamond Box, 10 Copper Coins Forgotten World 3* Quest [Kill 2x Jupiter 3* > Kill 4x Jupiter 3*] Quest Rewards: 4 Platinum Box, 1 Diamond Box, 14 Copper Coins + Talisman Drop Rate 20% at Jupiter each run. Bug Fixes Guild Emblems are fixed Jackpot window text fixed (start/end time) Stall Network hotkey is removed. You can use the icon under minimap to open it. FULL DROP LIST AVAILABLE NOW: CLICK ON THIS BLYATIFUL LINK Important Notes; The talisman quest (Seal of Moon) is disabled in the first weeks. However, you can still collect talismans and wait for the quest to be ready. Those talismans drop from FGW 3* & Server Dungeon. There are 2 rare talismans ''Diamond Watch'' and ''Mermaid Tears''. Diamond Watch is an exclusive talisman that drops only in FGW 3* Jupiter. Mermaid Tears is an exclusive talisman that drops only in Server Dungeon. If you had progress on any kind of modified FGW/Godsend Quests, your progress remains and you do not lose anything. We only change the total kill #'s and rewards. If you had progress on Forgotten World (1 STAR) quest this one is for you: Players who took this quest AND had progress on it will receive GOLD COMPENSATION because the quest is deleted. Compensation depends on their progress on the quest. Still reading? Woo It's time to go back in the game and farm the EP you need for Seal of Sun!!!!!!!
  3. Babel Skill Balance

    CHINESE SKILLS Bicheon Ocean Blade Force : Phy Atk Pwr 830 - 1015 (250%) with knock-down posibility 45% ( Nerfed ) Celestial Ground Bicheon Force : Magical Damage 5%, Phy Def Pwr of Shield 100% Reduce, Phy Atk Pwr 140 Increase ( Buffed ) Pacheon 5 Arrow Combo and 6 Arrow combo are sharing the same cooldown Cold Cold imbue cooldown: 16 seconds ( Nerfed ) Cold Imbue Max Level have the same damage as Light Imbue Max Level ( Buffed ) Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds. First tier snow shield is nerfed by 10% and require 300 INT ( Nerfed ) Lightning Light imbue cooldown: 16 seconds ( Nerfed ) Force - Piercing force : Magical Damage 16% Increase ( Nerfed ) Last tier walk speed is 105%. ( Buffed ) Fire Fire imbue cooldown: 16 seconds ( Nerfed ) Firewalls/Icewalls are sharing the same cooldown of 10 seconds. Force Force Cure Tree is sharing the same cooldown Vital Spot - Body Probability 60% ( Nerfed ) Vital Spot - Mind Probability 60% ( Nerfed ) Vital Spot - Zero Probability 40% ( Nerfed ) Vital Spot - Brain Probability 55% ( Nerfed ) CHINESE GODSEND SKILLS Bicheon Bicheon Scud - Godsend : Moving speed 300% Increase (Max lvl 4) Bicheon Force - Godsend : Physical Damage 10% Increase, Magical Damage 8% Increase, Phy Def Pwr of Shield 100% Reduce, Phy Atk Pwr 280 Increase (Max lvl 3) Bicheon Active - Godsend : Chance of Obtaining Berserk Gage 120% Increase (Max lvl 2) Cut Blade - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 1398 - 1655 (109%) (Max lvl 6) Sword Dance - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 1643 - 1767 (142%) (Max lvl 6) Blade Force - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 1260 - 1502 (130%) with Knock-down 50% chance (Max lvl 4) Bicheon Spirit : Maximum HP 1320 Increase (Require 450 INT) (Max lvl 1) Power Shield - Godsend : Critical 8 Increase, Physical Damage 21% Increase, MaximumHP 40% Reduce (Max lvl 4) Hybrid Bicheon - Godsend : Physical Damage 10% Increase, Magical Damage 5% Increase, Blocking rate 4% Increase, Attack rate 88 Increase, Parry rate 72 Increase ( Require 370 Int & STR Points ) (Max lvl 1) Celestial Protection - Godsend : Number of Connections 2, Damage Disperse Rate 35% (Require 400 STR) (Max lvl 2) Destruction Smash - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 975 - 1165 (74%) Bleed Lv10 Probability 16% 3Time/times (Max lvl 3) Heuksal Ghost Spear - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 1689 - 1789 (280%), Knock-back probability 40% (Max lvl. 6) Flying Dragon - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 1625 - 2011 (270%), 13 Critical Increase (Max lvl. 6) Soul Spear - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 1489 - 1735 (145%), Stun Lv10 probability 10% x 3 Time(s) (Max lvl. 6) Black Spear - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 2090 - 2370 (95%), Dull Lv10 Probability 12% x 3 Time(s), 5 Critical Increase (Max lvl. 6) Hybrid Heuksal - Godsend : 7 Critical Increase, Physical Damage 10% Increase, Magical Damage 10% Increase, Weaking, Restriction and Curse Series Probability 5% Reduce ( Require 330 INT&STR Points ) (Max lvl. 1) Celestial Protection - Godsend : Number of Connections 2, Damage Disperse Rate 35% (Require 400 STR) (Max lvl 2) Chain Spear - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 940 - 1254 (86%) (Max lvl. 3) Pacheon Black Arrow - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 1235 - 1502 (370%), 5 Critical Increase, 43 Attack rate Increase, Bleed Lv10 Probability 30%, Darkness Lv10 Probability 20% (Max lvl. 6) Resistance - Godsend : Phy Def Pwr 220 Increase (Require 320 INT) (Max lvl. 3) Anti Devil Bow - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 1350 - 1550 (350%), 5 Critical Increase (Max lvl. 6) Fire Hawk - Godsend : Attack rate 95 Increase (Max lvl. 4) Pacheon Boost - Godsend : Physical & Magical Damage 15% Increase, 2500 HP Increase (Require 400 INT) (Max lvl. 4) Celestial Protection - Godsend : Number of Connections 2, Damage Disperse Rate 35% (Require 400 STR) (Max lvl 2) Strong Bow - Godsend : Phy Atk Pwr 882 - 1155 (390%), 15 Critical Increase, Stun Lv10 Probability 25% (Max lvl. 3) Cold Snow Storm - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 1880 - 2470 (300%) (Max lvl. 4) Slayer - Godsend : 10 Critical Increase (Require 380 STR) (Max lvl. 6) Cold Shot - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 2230 - 2470 (250%) Freezing Probability 30%, Frost Probability 35% (Max lvl. 4) Ice Force - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 843 - 1344 (100%) Freezing Probability 6%, Frost Probability 27% (Imbue) (Max lvl. 3) Lightning Ghost Walk - Godsend : Moving speed 120% Increase (Max lvl. 4) Holy Spell - Godsend : Weakening, Restriction and Curse Series Probability 30% Reduce (Require 380 STR) (Max lvl. 3) Lightning Storm - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 1880 - 2470 (300%) (Max lvl. 4) Lion Shout - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 1114 - 1626 (100%) (Max lvl. 4) Lightning Strength - Godsend : Critical 7 Increase (Require 400 STR) (Max lvl. 5) Thunder Force - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 843 - 1344 (100%) Electri Shock Probability 27% (Imbue) (Max lvl. 3) Fire Flame Wave - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 2705 - 3755 (265%) Burn Probability 30%, Dull Lv10 Probability 25% (Max lvl. 6) Fire Wave - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 2184 - 2557 (315%) Burn Probability 25% (Max lvl. 4) Fire Wall - Godsend : HP 28540 (Max lvl. 3) Fire Protection - Godsend : Mag Def Pwr 422 Increase (Max lvl. 3) Flame Body - Godsend : Physical Damage 18% Increase (Max lvl. 6) Fire Force - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 1002 - 1520 (100%) Burn Probability 27% (Imbue) (Max lvl. 3) Force Fear Spot - Godsend : Fear Lv10 45% Probability (Max lvl. 4) Magical Ravage - Godsend : Weaken Lv10 60% Probability (Max lvl. 3) Force Nuke - Godsend : Mag Atk Pwr 2580 - 3070 (330%) (Require 450 INT) (Max lvl. 4) Force Ravage - Godsend : Decay Lv10 60% Probability (Max lvl. 3) Dark Force - Godsend : 1142 - 1810 (100%) Poison Probability 25% (Imbue) (Max lvl. 4) Vital Spot - Godsend : Parry and Attack rate 117 reduce (Max lvl. 3)
  4. [NEW EVENT] Electus League

    ELECTUS LEAGUE ARENA Introducing a new event that is going to be the NEW META in SRO. Before explaining how the event work, must give credits to Silverlight because we are inspired from his idea and improved it in our way. This event is basically a SRO version of MOBA (League of Legends gameplay logic). You can think about a PVP based event combined with fortress war. Let's dive into details below; 2 Teams with 6 members each, 7 towers and 1 heart for each team. 2 Uniques for Honor Buffs. Towers for utilities. At the end of 20 minutes, the team who destroy opponent's heart wins. Otherwise the team with more points win the game. You can play this game 2 times a day, it's EQUALIZED and eventually REALLY FUN. REGISTRATION F6 > League Arena > Register. START ITEMS You get equal +0 normal items, enough potions and 5 vigor grains. GAMEPLAY Destroy towers to obtain: 1x STR 1x INT 5 1x HP 2000 1x MP 2000 scroll each. Destroying each tower gets your team 100 points. Kill Uniques to obtain Honor Buffs & Drops: The Cursed Worm: Phy/Mag DMG Absorp. 3% Attack Rate Incr. 20% The Holy Lion: Phy/Mag DMG Incr. 3% Movement speed +10% Killing uniques get you 100 Points Killing tower defender monsters gets you 10 Points Each unique will SOS, SOA, SOM and GE item drops with different rates. Destroy Heart to finish the game. REWARDS Winner Team: 40 Honor Points, 35 Electus Points + Other rewards TBA. Loser Team: 20 Honor Points, 15 Electus Points + Other rewards TBA. Important Notes: - Uniques appear 3 minutes after death. - You cannot get the same buff twice. - When you kill a unique, your all team members get the buff as well. - You can kill the same unique twice, you will get the points and if you don't have group b honors, you'll get it then. - Your buffs in normal world won't be in League Arena world. - Each tower defender monster will drop 1 vigor grain. - Honor buffs you obtained from this event won't be moved to real world. - Items you obtain in this event won't be moved to real world. - The towers and tower defender monsters do have a attack power. They are not very strong but they hurt. - Tower defender monsters will re-spawn to defend it 90 seconds after death. - Lastly, the event is still being optimized and improved. All above info may not be correct within time period we modify it. Since you made it to here, you are really into it. Why don't you go ahead and give us suggestions below to further improve it? Go now!
  5. Babel Server Information

    COMMENT EVENT Good Vibes Only! Share a comment below to win a BEGINNER PACK! Winners TBA June 17. 3 Winners. Give it a shoot NOW!
  6. Revision update 2#

    There are enough farming slots in the area. So prepare your party and farm. There are 36 uniques spawning inside. Only the first 4 and last 2 are challenging, other 30 appears 10+10+10 so you won't get KS'd by other parties. Find a free Light Spirit and kill it for drops.
  7. Below rules and terms are subject to change without prior notice. Check back right before fortress war start time to make sure you are fully up to date. Fortress: Hotan Date/Time: 30.01 | 20:00 - 21:30 Electus Time Prize: $750 (Payment details mentioned HERE) Fortress War Gates/Towers/Heart for Level 2 are boosted (HP wise) by 20-25%). You will have to experiment it yourself. Guild Limit: 24 Union: Not Allowed Zerk: Enabled Attack/Fellow Pets: Allowed Honors Buffs: Will be removed from all users before event start. Participating Fortress War Event, you duly accept below terms. Terms and Disclaimer Electus Team holds rights to cancel or postpone this competition with a public announcement. Electus Team holds rights to change or add rules/terms before or during the event period. Electus Team can not be questioned after payment is done (Whether guild master shares the money with guild/union members or not). Attempting to exploit or provocate the event results in permanent IP-PC ban without prior notice. Due to nature of the game, disconnects/lags/crashes may occur and Electus Team is not responsible for any of those matters. Last but not least, Electus Team's one and only intention with hosting such big event is to maximize participation and raise competition to the highest level. In case of an extreme situation like major stability issue (or similar) in any of the fortress wars, Electus Online will not be responsible with any decision given afterwards. Electus Online is the only decision maker for the mentioned ''extreme situation/condition'' which we hope will never happen. Additionally, you can test everything out during beta phase, fortress war takes place every day at mentioned time.
  8. Electus Online'ı 6 yıldan uzun süre oynayıp destekleyen ve her serverda oyunun geniş bir kitlesini oluşturan Türkiye merkezli oyuncularımızın son dönemde ülkelerinde yaşadığı ekonomik problemler, yerel para birimlerinin ani değer kaybından kaynaklanan etkiler ve bu durumun sebep olacağı zorluklara destek olmak amacıyla Türkiye merkezli oyunculara adalet dengesini bozmadan destek sağlamak istedik. Yukarıdaki açıklamayı takip edecek şekilde, Türkiye merkezli oyuncular sadece Re-Seller aracılığıyla olmak üzere Electus Cash paket fiyatlarına İNDİRİMLİ fiyattan sahip olabilecek. Türkiye merkezli oyuncuların ''Bonus Silk'' yerine ''İndirim''i tercih ettiklerini bildiğimiz için, büyük açılış haftası (international oyuncular için) normal fiyatlandırmanın üzerine yapılacak olan +5% Bonus Silk kampanyası yerine Türkiye merkezli oyunculara taban fiyatın 100 TL = 1000 Silk olacak şekilde özel EPIN listesi hazırladık. Kısacası 1000 Silkin orjinal fiyatı 10 dolar, yani 135 TL olup, Türkiye merkezli oyunculara özel 1000 Silk 100 TL olarak belirlendi. Bununla birlikte Türkiye merkezli oyuncuların Electus'a bağlılığının bir karşılığı olduğunu ve onları önemsediğimizi göstermiş olduk. Ek olarak bilinmesini istediğimiz hususlar: Sağladığımız hizmet kalitesinin yıllar içerisinde sadece yukarı yönlü olduğunu ve Electus Cash fiyatının 7 yıl boyunca hiç artmadığını, Yeni açılacak sunucunun (ReVision) önceki sunucularımıza ve diğer serverların sağladığı Play2Win içeriklere göre kat ve kat daha fazla Play2Win içerik sunduğunu, Oyun açılmadan ve açıldıktan sonra yapılacak etkinliklerle 11.000 dolar değerinde nakit, 5000 dolar değerinde oyuncu ekipmanları, toplamda 16.000 dolar (215.000 TL) karşılığı ödül dağıtılacağını, Oyun içerisinde direkt olarak Electus Cash (Yani Silk) scroll'ların düştüğünü ve para ödemeden de bunlara ulaşılabileceğini, Bu EPIN'lerden sadece Türkiye merkezli, Türkiyedeki banka ve ödeme yöntemleri kullanan Türk oyuncuların yararlanabileceğini, Bu kampanyanın sadece 25 Ocak ile 11 Şubat (Büyük Açılış Günü 01:00 Türkiye Saatine kadar) arasında aktif olacağını, hatırlatmak isteriz. Ayrıca website üzerinden yapılacak ödemelerde indirim söz konusu olmayacağı ve re-seller'ın yapacağı satışlarda websitedeki gibi 7/24 satış yerine Re-Seller online ve aktif olduğunda yapılacağını da belirtmek isteriz. Bu yüzden hesap kayıt işlemleri erkenden açılmış olup, 25 Ocak'tan itibaren Reseller Avril#1721'a Discord üzerinden ulaşarak EPIN satın alabilir ve hesabınıza ekleyebilirsiniz. Bu indirimin söz konusu Türk Lirasının değersiz olmasından kaynaklı değil, bu para biriminin aniden değer kaybetmesinin oyuncuların oyuna katılımını ve donate gücüne direkt olarak etki etmesinden kaynaklıdır ve bir defaya mahsustur. Oyuncuların sahte hesaplardan korunmak için sadece aşağıda belirtilen Discord adresi ile iletişime geçmeleri gerektiğini hatırlatır, aksi durumda Electus Online'ın sorumlu tutulamayacağını belirtmek isteriz. INTERNATIONAL[$10] = Converted to TL 135 TL + ~10TL fee = 145 TL = 1077 Electus Cash (NORMAL PRICE) $1 = 10 TL (FIX) TURKISH 100 TL + no fee = 100 TL = 1000 Electus Cash TURKISH 200 TL + no fee = 200 TL = 2050 Electus Cash TURKISH 300 TL + no fee = 300 TL = 3100 Electus Cash TURKISH 500 TL + no fee = 500 TL = 5250 Electus Cash TURKISH 2000 TL + no fee = 2000 TL = 22500 Electus Cash TURKISH 7500 TL + no fee = 7500 TL = 90000 Electus Cash TURKISH 20000 TL + no fee = 20000 TL = 250000 Electus Cash Şimdi kemerleri bağlayın, Revision için son hazırlıkları tamamlayın. Büyük ödül ve sınırsız eğlence için Şubat 11'de görüşelim. BURAYA TIKLAYARA DİSCORD KANALINA ŞİMDİ KATIL
  9. Harder to get all buffs. Easier for ''everyone'' to get ''some buffs''. Competition to the MAX. Why this change is good: 1. There is no more need to no-life honor farm anymore. 2. You get to choose your favorite activity to obtain your honor buff. 3. No more single char holding all honor buffs and low-mid tier farmers are out of the league. There are 5 Honor Leagues. League 1 [Unique Hunting] You obtain different amount of Honor Points from per Unique kills (The list TBA). You also obtain EP and HP if your party member gets an unique kill. (Lower reward though) Unique <> Honor Point reward sheet TBA. Buffs Extra Speed, Berserker Obtaining Increase #1 12% Moving Speed + 150% Berkserker Increase (The one from king buff) #2-15 10% Moving Speed + 135% Berkserker Increase #16-50 8% Moving Speed + 125% Berserker Increase #51-150 5% Moving Speed + 115% Berserker Increase League 2 [Survival Kill, Survival Win, Server Dungeon Rank] You obtain honor points from per Survival Kill, Survival win and also from your server dungeon ranking. Server Dungeon ranking means your party score points during daily server dungeon run. (TOP 10) Survival Kill, Win Server Dungeon Rank honor point rewards TBA. Buffs Damage Increase #1 4% Damage Increase #2-15 3% Damage Increase #16-50 2% Damage Increase #51-#150 1% Damage Increase League 3 [Battle Arena Wins, Capture the Flag Wins, FW Kills] You obtain honor points from Winning CTF and Battle Arena, also kills in Fortress War. Battle Arena, CTF wins and FW Kill Honor Rewards TBA. Buffs Damage Absorbtion #1 4% Damage Absorption #2-15 3% Damage Absorption #16-50 2% Damage Absorption #51-#150 1% Damage Absorption League 4 [Jobbing] You earn as many Honor Points as Electus Points you farm from ''Jobbing Activity'' and there is no limit to it. Buffs STR and INT Combo #1 STR 7 INT 7 #2-10 STR 5 INT 5 #11-30 STR 3 INT 3 #31-#50 STR 2 INT 2 x3 job unions. League 5 [Job Kills] Kill opponents in job mode to obtain honor points. Honor Point REWARD and LOSS depend on location and job union for multiple reason. By default Traders and Hunters do not lose honor points by death, that's in order to help boost caravan's protection. But this doesn't play any role for thieves' honor league because each job union has it's own honor ranking. Thieves do lose honor points upon death (-1) so they be more organized when attacking a caravan; helps boosting the competition. Inside job cave there's always honor point penalty for death that's to avoid being AFK and keep things spicy in cave especially at job cave uniques. Maximum HP rewards at DW South job war event in order to boost the participation at this event. There are many more reasons to why those HP rewards and loss are set very specifically for both conditions and to sum these up, it's only to keep things the most competitive at job war. Buffs Parry Rate and Attack Rate combo #1 10% Parry Rate + 10% Attack Rate #2-10 8% Parry Rate + 8% Attack Rate #11-30 6% Parry Rate + 6% Attack Rate #31-#50 4% Parry Rate + 4% Attack Rate x3 job unions. --Outside Job Cave-- Trader: 1EP / 4HP / no hp loss Hunter: 1EP / 4HP / no hp loss Thief: 1EP / 1HP / -1HP --Inside Job Cave-- Trader: 2EP / 4HP / -3HP Hunter: 2EP / 4HP / -3HP Thief: 2EP / 4HP / -2HP --Donwhang South Job War Event-- Trader: 2EP / 5HP / -2HP Hunter: 2EP / 5HP / -2HP Thief: 2EP / 5HP / -2HP Last but not least, you can be in all leagues of course. You can reach all those honor buffs but that's definitely not gonna be easy and of course much harder to get all buffs compared to before. And we create a lot more space for players who doesn't spend many hours playing on daily basis.
  10. Electus Server Dungeon (NEW!)

    SERVER WIDE DUNGEON, BETTER DROPS. Electus Online was built on Dungeon base and Dungeons have always been the most important as they provide more than 85% of the SOX and valuable item supply. We announced Godsend Dungeon years ago, everyone loved the team-play based Dungeon. Now, it's time for a change. Let us introduce, THE MAJOR DUNGEON called ELECTUS SERVER DUNGEON. It is an improved version of a simple Dungeon idea. Instead of 1 party, THE WHOLE SERVER completes the Dungeon altogether. Let's see the difference: Event Time: 20.00 (Every day) Event Duration: 30 to 40 minutes Number of Stages: 5 Party: Not required but suggested. Stages (By minute): 2 (Start)+ 7 (General mobs) + 7 (Champions) + 7 (Elites) + Final Boss Drops: General Monsters (low) , Champions (mid), Elite (high), Uniques (higher) *Dropping Items: Talismans *Quests: Elixirs and Boxes Point System: Each monster in the event will grant your party a specific point upon kill. Top 5 teams can be tracked live with the new UI. Top 5 Party members will receive additional Honor Points after event ends. Rank 1 : +50 Honor Points each member Rank 2 : +45 Honor Points each member Rank 3 : +40 Honor Points each member Rank 4 : +35 Honor Points each member Rank 5 : +30 Honor Points each member Monster Point System -General Mobs: 1 point -Champions: 2 points -Elite: 3 points -Shadow and Light Spirit : 50 points -Electus Guardian ve Electus Defender (Final Boss): 100 points STAGE 1: [GATHER & KILL FIRST UNIQUE] - Form a party with your friends and register Server Dungeon using Event Portal next to donwhang south gate - When event starts, there will be 4 gates, teleport in with your party to the gate you wish to join. - 1 unique will appear on each 4 spots. Once all uniques die, Stage 2 Starts. STAGE 2: [GENERAL MOBS] - General Monsters will appear in the area (and will keep re-spawning when you kill them) for the next 5 minutes. Farm drops and finish quests. - 5 minutes into this stage, all monsters will disappear and 8 uniques will appear in the area randomly and they will have decent drops. Anyone can kill it. - Stage 2 will end after 10 minutes or all uniques are dead. STAGE 3: [CHAMPION MOBS] - Champion Monsters will appear in the area (and will keep re-spawning when you kill them) for the next 5 minutes. Farm drops and finish quests. - 5 minutes into this stage, all monsters will disappear and 8 uniques will appear in the area randomly and they will have decent drops. Anyone can kill it. - Stage 2 will end after 10 minutes or all uniques are dead. STAGE 4: [ELITE MOBS] - Elite Monsters will appear in the area (and will keep re-spawning when you kill them) for the next 5 minutes. Farm drops and finish quests. - 5 minutes into this stage, all monsters will disappear and 8 uniques will appear in the area randomly and they will have decent drops. Anyone can kill it. - Stage 2 will end after 10 minutes or all uniques are dead. STAGE 5: [FINAL BOSS] - There will be 1 minute wait time before Final Boss (1 STR & 1 INT) spawn in the middle of the event area. (Gathering & rebuff) - 2 Uniques will appear and the event will be complete once both are killed. Drops; Elite Monsters: 0.012% Talisman Card Shadow Spirit: 2x Platinum Box. 2x Diamond Box. 25% Talisman Card Light Spirit: 1x Platinum Box. 35% Diamond Box. 25% Talisman Card Electus Defender: 2x Talisman. 4x Diamond Box. 3x Platinum Box Electus Guardian: 2x Talisman. 4x Diamond Box. 3x Platinum Box. Killer of Electus Defender and Electus Guardian will receive 40 Honor Points. (Not the party) Quests; Quest #1: Kill 35 General Monster to complete the quest and receive 1 Platinum Box. Quest #2: Kill 35 Champion Monster to complete the quest and receive 10 Elixirs of each. Quest #3: Kill 90 Elite Monsters to complete the quest and receive 1 Diamond Box. What do we aim? -Overall, more interaction between players -Better drops, higher participation rate -A brand new experience that you never had before Reading this you might think ''Bro, I already have Godsend Dungeon and FGW to do, why 1 more dungeon now ''. You're right, that's a lot. This is why exactly we reduced the time required to complete Godsend Dungeon from 60 minutes to ~20 minutes. We will optimize ''time spent in the game for daily tasks'' for better once we complete Guild Dungeon as well. Overall, you will spend less time, experience new events and activities and earn more. That's our main goal with all those changes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BÜTÜN SERVERIN KATILDIĞI TEK 1 DUNGEON, DAHA İYİ DROPLAR. Electus Online Dungeon sistemi üzerine kurulmuş, elde edilen SOX ve değerli itemlerin %85'inden fazlasının Dungeonlardan sağlandığı bir oyun. Electus uzun süre önce herkesin sevdiği ve günlük görevi bildiği Godsend Dungeon'ı kurmuştu. Bugün ise Dungeon olayını bir ileri seviyeye taşıyacak BÜYÜK SERVER DUNGEON'ını sizlere tanıtıyor. Electus Dungeon, dungeon fikrinin gelişmiş hali olarak adlandırılabilir. 1 partiyle içeri girip dungeon'ı tamamlamak yerine, bunu bütün serverdakilerle birlikte bunu yapıyor olacaksınız. Etkinlik Zamanı: 20.05 (Server Saati) Etkinlik Süresi: 40 - 50 dakika Etkinlik Aşamaları: 5 Party: ZORUNLU Aşamalar (Dakika olarak): 2 + 10 + 10 + 10 + Etkinlik Sonu Boss Unique'leri Droplar: General Moblar (düşük) , Champion (orta), Elite (yüksek), Uniqueler (daha yüksek) *Düşen itemler: Talisman, Boxlar, Elixirler, Coinler, Özel itemler Puan Sistemi: Her yaratık belirli bir puan'a sahip olacak. Etkinlik süresince en iyi puana sahip 10 takım canlı olarak tabelada görüntülenecek. Etkinlik bittikten sonra en çok puan alan 10 partiye Honor Puan'ı verilecek. *1. Parti : Her üyeye +50 Honor Puanı *2-3. Parti : Her üyeye +35 Honor Puanı *4-5. Parti : Her üyeye +25 Honor Puanı Yaratık Puanları General Yaratıklar: 1 Puan Şampiyon Yaratıklar: 2 Puan Elite Yaratıklar: 3 Puan Shadow ve Light Spirit Uniqueleri: 100 Puan Electus Guardian ve Electus Defender (Final Boss) Uniqueleri: 200 Puan AŞAMA 1: [TOPLAN & İLK UNİQ'İ KES] - Partinizi formlayıp yeni menüyü kullanarak kaydınızı oluşturun. - Event başladığında sistem sizi içeri teleport edecek. Partiniz ile birlikte 4 spawn noktasından birinde doğacaksınız. - 20 saniyelik bekleme süresinin ardından her 4 noktada 1'er unique belirecek. Bu 4 unique öldükten sonra Aşama 2 başlayacak. AŞAMA 2: [GENERAL CANAVARLAR] - General yaratıklar alan içerisinde doğmaya başlayacak (Siz öldürdükçe tekrar spawn olacak). Amaç drop toplamak. - 10 dakikalık periodun 5. dakikasında alan içinde 10 adet unique belirecek. İyi droplara sahip bu 8 unique'yi herkes bulup kesebilir. - 10 dakika sonunda aşama sonunda general yaratıklar yok olacak. AŞAMA 3: [ŞAMPİYON CANAVALAR] - Şampiyon yaratıklar alan içerisinde doğmaya başlayacak (Siz öldürdükçe tekrar spawn olacak). Amaç drop toplamak. - 10 dakikalık periodun 5. dakikasında alan içinde 10 adet unique belirecek. İyi droplara sahip bu 8 unique'yi herkes bulup kesebilir. - 10 dakika sonunda aşama sonunda şampiyon yaratıklar yok olacak. AŞAMA 4: [ELITE CANAVARLAR] - Elite yaratıklar alan içerisinde doğmaya başlayacak (Siz öldürdükçe tekrar spawn olacak). Amaç drop toplamak. - 10 dakikalık periodun 5. dakikasında alan içinde 10 adet unique belirecek. İyi droplara sahip bu 8 unique'yi herkes bulup kesebilir. - 10 dakika sonunda aşama sonunda elite yaratıklar yok olacak. AŞAMA 5: [SON UNIQUELER] - 1 dakikalık bekleme (tekrar bufflanma ve toplanma) süresinin sonunda etkinliğin final 2 unique'si ortada belirecek (1 STR, 1 INT). - Etkinlik 2 final unique'si öldürüldükten sonra bitecek. Bu yeni Dungeon ile ne hedefledik? -Daha fazla oyuncunun birlikte tamamladığı bir Dungeon etkinliği -Daha eğlenceli bir etkinlik, daha fazla drop, daha fazla katılım -Daha önce hiçbir oyuncunun tatmadığı yeni bir deneyim Bu başlığı okuduğunuzda oyunun içerisindeki zaten var olan Dungeon'ların üstüne yeni bir dungeon geldiğini farkedip, ''hangisine yetişeceğiz'' demeniz gayet normal. İşte bu yüzden Forgotten World etkinliğini tamamen oyundan silip, Godsend Dungeon etkinliğinin de tamamlanma süresini 60 dakikadan yaklaşık 20 dakikaya çekerek bu dengeyi koruduk. Ayrıca hala üzerinde çalıştığımız Guild Dungeon'ı da tamamlanıp oyuna eklendiğinde ''oyun içerisinde verilen günlük görevlere harcanan zamanı'' daha da iyi şekilde optimize edeceğiz. Bu değişiklik ve yeniliklerle oyuncuya yeni deneyimler kazandırırken, onlara oyun içerisinde daha az zaman harcayarak daha fazla ödül kazanmalarını sağladık.
  11. Equalized Items, Guaranteed Silk Reward. [TEAM SURVIVAL ARENA] Your items --> Not important Your luck --> Not important Your chance to win free silk --> 100% In event area all players will have same items (same item + and blues). Participants will be divided to 4 different teams randomly (Red, blue, white and black). You need to get as many kills as you can for your team. Other players won't be seing your character name, guild name, your title or your pick pet. A true deathmatch with equalized team and items. No excuses! Every team gets silk reward, more kills more silk. #1 Team members 100 Silk #2 Team members 50 Silk #3 Team members 30 Silk #4 Team members 20 Silk Some rules will apply in order to avoid silk reward abuse. This event is a duplicated version of Normal Survival Arena and it takes place 1 to 2 times a day. Normal and Party Team Survival will also have it's usual runs throughout the day. (Meaning original survival is still there) Eşitlenmiş İtemler, Silk Ödülü Garantili [TEAM SURVIVAL ARENA] İtemleriniz --> Önemsiz Şans --> Önemsiz Bedava Silk Kazanma Şansınız --> %100 Etkinlik başladığında içeri gir, takımın için savaş, silk ödülünü kap. İçeri girdiğinde bütün oyuncuların itemleri eşitleniyor. Kırmızı, mavi, beyaz ve siyah olmak üzere oyuncular 4 eşit takıma rastgele dağılıyor. Atkın otomatik olarak takıldıktan sonra yapman gereken tek şey takımın için daha fazla kill almak. İçeride diğer oyuncular senin gerçek ismini, guild ismini, title'ını veya petini göremezler. Orası artık sadece eşitlenen takım ve itemlerle yapılan team deathmatch. Mazeret yok, şimdi kill'leri topla ve 25 ile 100 silk arasında değişen silk ödülünün sahibi ol. 1. Takım üyelerine 100 Silk 2. Takım üyelerine 50 Silk 3. Takım üyelerine 30 Silk 4. Takım üyelerine 20 Silk Bot hesapların Silk ödülünü suistimal etmemesi için bazı kriterler geçerli olacak. Bu etkinlik normal survival etkinliğinin farklı bir versiyonu olup gün içerisinde 1 veya 2 kez gerçekleşecek. Normal ve Party Team survival yine rutin olarak gerçekleşecek. (Yani orjinal Survival Arena hala oyunda yer alacak)
  12. Say goodbye to SOA and SOE. Pimp your item and rip when new SOX is released? Not so fast. Would that be fair? Definitely not. Electus Revision ideology tells us SOA and SOE should never be a part of Electus again. From now on, we will only have original SOX items in the game, as mentioned below. Seal of Star Seal of Moon Seal of Sun We are also announcing a fair way of buying and keeping a Seal of Moon weapon. No more pay high and throw into trash bin for Seal of Moon Weapons. You can now upgrade your SOM weapon to Seal of Sun tier (Some criterias apply for play2win environment). Criterias about this upgrade will be mentioned in the future. SOA ve SOE artık yok. Yeni artı ve stat bastığın itemin 2 gün sonra eski kalması ne kadar adil? Cevabı belli. İşte bu yüzden Electus Revizyon ideolojisine paralel olarak SOA ve SOE itemler tarihe karışıyor. Electus'ta sadece aşağıdaki silahlar yer alacak ve güçler dengesi arasında çılgın farklar olmayacak. Seal of Star Seal of Moon Seal of Sun Bunun dışında Seal of Moon silah elde edip, Seal of Sun silahlar ortaya çıktığında Seal of Moon silahı çöpe atmak yerine Seal of Sun seviyesine çevirebileceksin. Tabi bu upgrade'in adil olması açısından bazı kriterler olacak. Bunu da zamanı geldiğinde detaylıca açıklayacağız.
  13. Revision - No More Astrals!

    Say goodbye to Astral Stones. It has came to an end. No more buy astral stone from Item Mall and try +6 and above. Surely it's a perfect way to alchemy however this has worked mostly for those who did not care about the cost of astral stones. From now on, anyone has to use elixirs and elixirs only. No more astral stones in Electus. One of our main targets within the new Electus server coming out in 2022 is balancing the pay2win and play2win gap. By removing Astral stones from the game, we believe it is going to help the play2win environment big time. You can now visit other threads in this section. Or, you can choose to contribute to Electus re-vision by visiting Electus Discord Channel and sharing your ideas and feedback with us in #contribute-now channel. Artık Astral Stone yok. Astral stone'ları Item Mall'dan direkt olarak satın alıp silahınıza art-arda +6 ve üzeri artı deneme devri sona erdi. İşleri hızlandıran ancak sadece parası olanlara yarayan Astral Stone Electus tarihine karışıyor. Bundan sonra hem pay2win hem play2win herkes sadece elixir kullanarak alchemy yapmak zorunda. 2022'de açılacak yeni Electus serverında odaklandığımız şeylerden biri de pay2win ile play2win farkını en aza indirgemekti. Astral stone'ların silinmesiyle birlikte bu hedefimize bir adım daha yaklaşıyor olacağız. Bunun gibi diğer yapılması planlanan değişiklikler için bu sekmedeki diğer konulara göz atabilirsin. Veya, Electus Online Discord Kanalı'na giderek #contribute-now bölümüne fikirlerini ve geribildirimlerini yazıp yeni Electus Serverındaki kapsamlı değişikliklere katkı sağlayabilirsin. Bir sonraki konuda görüşürüz

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