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  1. Revision Open Beta PVP Tournament

    Charname: _ka_ Build: Wizz/Cleric Equipment: Light Armor
  2. Re-Vision - GRAND PRIZE $10.000

    great idea to bring in more guild competition
  3. Re-Vision - SOX Release Dates

    great fix for the issue of the drastic decrease in sox prices
  4. Re-Vision - Redesigned Honor Buffs & Ranking System

    nice change
  5. This will encourage everyone to join survival, people would usually try to avoid it when they have a bad set but this will bring more activity and more fun
  6. Revision - Giving Back to the Community

    nice idea, a lot of people will tryhard more and feel a more sense of accomplishment after winning real life prizes

    Date: 15-07-2021 Time: 18:00 Downtime: 15-60 minutes Read this in: German : Turkish : Click Here Spanish : Click Here Arabic : Spanish : Vietnam : Hebrew : Click Here Seal of Sun Items EP/Gold Coin/Arena Coin el mehtaghom 3ashan teshterehom ba2o mawgodeen fel Seal of Sun Npc (Bas maynf3sh teshtereehom lesa, gold coin/arena coin el 3adad el metaghom momken yetghyar). Seal of Sun weapon ep price 4750 ep + 8 gold coin + 400 Arena Coin. Seal of Sun equipment ep price 400 ep + 2 gold coin + 80 Arena Coin. Seal of Sun accessory ep price 400 ep + 2 gold coin + 80 Arena Coin. Welcome to Poseidon Week #4! El Global Electus point limit etzawed b2a men 2500 to 3500 (beyzeed +1000 kol esboo3). EL honor buffs w el rankings et3amalohom reset. Quest el Seal Of Moon ba2et active men el npc el wara donwhang storage gama3 el talismans 3ashan tekhales el quest w hatakhod seal of moon weapon. HP Haroreis zad Selket w Neith delwa2ty beynazelo 2 diamond boxes badal 1 lma beymooto. delwa2ty Karkadann w Khulood beynazelo 1x diamond box badal ma kan 50% bas chance delwa2ty 100% chance. delwa2ty Demon Shaitan byedrop 1 diamond box lma beymoot, diamond box drop rate b2a 100% badal ma kan 60% ( STR Demon Shaitan nafs el kalam). Zawedna Shabahoo of Lamp Diamond Box drop men 20% b2a 25% . 3amalna 30% boost lel drop rate beta3 el red stones. El EP el mehtago 3ashan tekhalas Achievement #4 b2a 400 ep badal ma kan 500 ep. alelna el honor rewards lel jobs fa el tarteeb beta3 el honors el takhodha etghyar; TOP 1 : champion, king, gold, silver, bronze. TOP 2-3 : king, gold, silver, bronze. TOP 4-10 : gold, silver, bronze. TOP 11-15 : silver, bronze. TOP 16-40 : bronze. B2A FEH BOX GEDEED. Elite Box w hayeb2a feh chance lel hagat deh; Seal of Moon Weapon (1%). Seal of Moon Equipment (60%). Seal of Moon Accessory (37%). Seal of Moon Shield (2%). El Elite box hayenzel men el uniques deh; Light Spirit : 29%. Shadow Spirit : 29%. Zielkiaxe : 29%. Shabahoon of Lamp 3* : 1x. Selket : 1x. Neith 1x. Haroeris 2x. Anubis 2x. Isis 2x. Homocidal Santa 2x. Simulation 2x. Dark Soul 1x. Fat Stone Boi 1x. BaalSTR 1x. Roc 3x. Medusa 2x. Ghayarna fel Electus Box drops rate; Seal Of Moon Equipment 10%. Seal of Moon Accesory 8%. Seal of Moon Shield 2%. Seal of Star Item - 55%. Random Fellow Pet 10%. 10% Alchemy Scroll 5%. Character Visual 10%. Ghayarna el gold prices lel hagat deh; Madness Arena : 5m > 10m Job Cave Entrance : 5m > 10m Survival Arena Solo : 5m > 10m Survival Arena Team : 20m > 25m Survival Arena Party : 20m > 25m Vigor Recovery Grains : 200k > 300k Purification pill XL : 750k > 1m HP and MP : 2k > 3k Zawedna hagat gedeeda fel Coin NPC (Mayenf3sh tebee3 aw tebadel el hagat deh) Indian Camel, Behemoth, Ancient Tribal Bear summon scroll, 115% speed potion, Extension gear, Pegasus, Electus Christmas Dress Blue M/F, GDF Male and Female. El Screenshot event kheles. CLICK HERE doos 3al link 3ashan teshoof el winners. Salahna el invisible detection potion delwa2ty yenfa3 teskhdmha fel job cave w el survival arena. Sala7na el honor points fel job uniques delwa2ty el honor points byet3mlohom share fel party. Skill Edits Magic Armor - Godsend Lv 1: Phy Def power 146, MaximumHP 1444 Increase (+15% zeyada) Magic Armor - Godsend Lv 2: Phy Def power 198, MaximumHP 2545 Increase (+15% zeyada) Vibration Lv 25: Mag attack power 100% Increase >> 108% increase (+8% zeyada) Horror Cord - Godsend All levels: Attack power 215% >> 235% (+9% zeyada) One-Handed Arms Lv 25 100% > 108% (+8% zeyada) Two-Handed Arms Lv 25 100% > 108% (+8% a2al) Dual Arms Lv 25 100% > 108% (+8% zeyada) Force - Piercing Force Lv 1: Mag damage 14% Increase (-1% a2al) Force - Piercing Force Lv 2: Mag damage 15% Increase (-1% a2al) Force - Piercing Force Lv 3: Mag damage 16% Increase (-1% a2al) Flame Body - Trial Lv 1: Phy damage 8% Increase (-2% a2al) Flame Body - Trial Lv 2: Phy damage 9% Increase (-2% a2al) Flame Body - Trial Lv 3: Phy damage 10% Increase (-2% a2al) Flame Body - Godsend Lv 1: Phy damage 11% Increase (-2% a2al) Flame Body - Godsend Lv 2: Phy damage 12% Increase (-2% a2al) Flame Body - Godsend Lv 3: Phy damage 13% Increase (-2% a2al) Flame Body - Godsend Lv 4: Phy damage 14% Increase (-2% a2al) Flame Body - Godsend Lv 5: Phy damage 15% Increase (-2% a2al) Flame Body - Godsend Lv 6: Phy damage 16% Increase (-2% a2al) Fortress War Bandit Fortress heya el shaghala. Fortress War btebda2 Sunday at 20:00, tekhlas 21:00 El guild el hataksab el Fortress War haytakhod : 100B GOLD M3lomat mohma lazm t2raha Achievement #4 (Weekly jobbing challenge - 400 EP) byt3malo reset kol esboo3 fel weekly update, law ma3reftsh tekhalaso el EP fel achievement mesh byefdal ma3ak w beyrooh. Momken te3mel el challenge da aktar men mara fel esboo3. SoM > Grand Electus Weapon ( odam lesa ) -- Seal Of Moon hayenzel youm 15.07.2021 Seal Of Moon dool weapons rare maynf3sh tegebhom gher men el FGW. Seal of Moon weapons are (2nd tier SOX) w yenfa3 teb3hom aw te exchange. Yenfa3 yet3mlohom upgrade to Grand Electus 2 weeks ba3d Seal of Sun weapons ma yenzelo. hatetar testano lehad el esboo3een dool mayekhlaso 3ashan te upgrade . 3ashan el talismans el value bet3thom 3alya w 3ashan nekhaly el value fel market, Seal of Moon weapons hayeb2o upgradeable to GRAND ELECTUS WEAPON (1:1 version of sun bas u can trade it ) w kol el stats bet3to hatefdal (Plus/Blues/Stats etc.). lma yet3malo upgrad, weapon haykhsar bas el SOX glow w el skin (model changer) bas hayefda Tradebale. Taman el ta7weel hayeb2a howa howa men nahyet el Electus Point w el Arena coin zy fel Seal of Sun, ehtemal yeb2a feh gold coin lazem yetgab ma3ah. El policy deh hateb2a 3ala el Electus Online SOM>GRAND ELECTUS weapon upgrade 3ala tool. Ehna mohtameen enena ne7my el value beta3et el item bel policy deh w nerghem el player eno yel3ab w yebzel nafs el maghood fel play2win zy ay la3eeb tany. Sun weapons ( hayenzelo lma range le EP yeb2a 4000-5000). UNTRADEABLE ITEM Donation Event Hatakhod 20% silk zeyada fel donation period el weekend dah. Event period byeb2a 3ala asas Electus Time w byefdal shaghal 52 sa3a bas. Bonus silk el betakhdo 3ady men el packages hayeb2a included. El bonus silk beyt7at fel account beta3ak 3ala tool fe sa3etha (PayOp+EPins) Period tebda2: Friday 20:00 (Electus Time) Period Tentehy: Sunday 23.59 (Electus Time) Sunday Funday Events Kol esboo3 youm el 7ad byeb2a feh Sunday-Funday Events el sa3a 21:00. Location => Donwhang South! Phase 1 Unique Event at DW South (21:00) Phase 2 Unique Event at Whole Map (21:20) Phase 3 Search N Destroy Event (21:30) Phase 4 Hide N Seek Event (21:35) ( el Gm hayestkhaba w tedawar 3aleh ) Phase 5 Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (21:55) Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (21:55) Phase 6 PVP Tournament w bte3mel register feeha men el link dah FROM HERE [Blader mamnoo3 fel event] ASK US ON DISCORD 24/7 Server Rules Terms of Service Privacy Policy