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  1. It has been a long time since the release of the Burning Crusade expansion of World of Warcraft Classic, and the Phase 1 content that surprised players has finally ushered in a sequel. With an update called Overlords of Outland officially added to the game, players are about to start a new adventure. As an important update of World of Warcraft TBC Classic, it brings players their long-awaited new raids and new features. Now you can easily find many related articles, and we have summarized some of the most important information for you. The first is that the two new raids that players are most concerned about – Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep are finally available. Of course, if you want to fight the two powerful bosses, Lady Vashj and Kael’thas Sunstrider, you need to make a series of preparations before taking the risk. It will take you some time, but it is well worth it. In addition, this update means the end of Arena season 1 and the beginning of the season 2. In other words, you will be able to earn points to exchange for a new powerful gear. And two new factions have been introduced into the game. Players of Horde and Alliance can unlock new rewards by upgrading the reputation of the new faction. The last new feature that is very useful but not open to players until Phase 2 is guild banks. This is great news for guild leaders, saving them the cumbersome process of coordinating members’ materials and items. Now, guild members can easily deposit or withdraw items by themselves. Some of the most important new features of Phase 2 have been introduced, let us return to the topic of discussion – How to make WOW TBC Classic Gold quickly? Why players always need more WOW TBC Classic Gold? In Burning Crusade Classic, gold is a very important base currency, which can be used to purchase almost all items in the game. From this point, you should be able to understand the importance of a large number of WOW TBC Classic Gold to players: with enough gold, you will no longer need to worry about seeing the items you want in the auction house but not being able to participate in the bid; neither will you troubled by lack of materials when crafting items – you can buy the item directly from other players. The reality is that it is difficult for many players to get enough gold. Although they may have spent a long time grinding in the game, there is no correct method as a guide, and it is very inefficient to do so. I have collected some of the main methods of earning gold that are still available. If you think these methods are useful for you, I will be very happy. Some ways to get free gold in Burning Crusade Classic Don’t ignore junk loot, many a little makes a mickle. As your level increases, you may not want to pick up gray items that seem worthless. But they are indeed the easiest to drop. You can easily collect a lot. After selling them to the merchant, you will find that the income is very good. What’s more, some of these items are needed by other players. You can filter out those valuable items through the auction house, and then sell them to other players for more gold. It is more like the method of farming New World Coins. Make use of your professions combo. It’s not a secret that making money by crafting items and gathering materials in World of Warcraft Classic, but most players are more keen to enjoy the game rather than doing repetitive work. If you want to get more gold, this may be the method with the highest efficient. In the early stage, you need to invest a lot of time to improve your professions skills level. When your gathering profession and craft profession skills have reached the max level, you can sell the crafted items to other players. Remember, the right combination of professions can reduce the cost of crafting items, such as Alchemy + Herbalism, Skinning + Leatherworking and Enchanting + Tailoring. Find the most profitable daily quests based on your available time. The main goal for most players to complete daily quests is to get more reputation to unlock new rewards. But after a long period of accumulation, you will find that the daily quests of some factions provide very rich gold rewards, which makes them one of the options for earning gold. According to some experience summarized by current players, it is Shattrath’s daily dungeon quests that provides the most gold rewards. Best way to get WOW Classic TBC Gold – buying instead of grinding You may have discovered that the above methods will take some time to see the effect, and your gaming experience will not be very good in the process. This is why I recommend you to buy TBC Classic Gold directly. You can save time and money and enjoy the most pure happiness of the game! At present, many companies on the Internet are providing similar services, and according to the evaluation and feedback of players, G4mmo is the most trusted seller.
  2. Players in the Amazon Games New World Beta are discovering the boundaries of the coming MMO world and revealing what happens to those who cross them. The public beta for Amazon Games New World ended in the early hours of Monday morning. The game recorded an impressive number of visitors in this short span of time, with a peak of over 141,000 concurrent players on day one. That's still a remarkable number, even if the game can't quite hold it. The purpose of the public beta, of course, is to give players a chance to test the game's limits. A New World player seems to have taken this literally by finding the edges of the map and pointing out what happens when players cross the line. Reddit user Glorf_Warlock found a short video and uploaded it to Reddit. The clip shows his character approaching the translucent, glowing yellow wall that divides the edge of the game world. On the other hand, their health starts to wane quickly and completely disappears after about two seconds. The player is then left in a fallen state that can technically be revived, although other players are unlikely to be there to help. The edge of the world is a yellow wall of death. From New World Games With crossing boundaries causing so much damage so quickly, why aren't players killed instantly when they go through the wall? The alternative is that the developers at New World could make the border wall impassable, as they do in many games. While most players never run into problems, it seems a bit tough to let players go through there but give them very little time to escape. Granted, the huge glowing yellow wall makes it unlikely that many players will accidentally walk out. Glorf_Warlock's discovery sparked some humorous comments from New World gamers on Reddit. One joked that Amazon was secretly planning to turn New Worlds into a battle royale game. Two other proposed cosmic explanations are that the wall was a magical construct erected by one of the many supernatural beings in the New World. Another assumption is that Glorf_Warlock found the entrance to the first expansion of the New World. A fifth Reddit user also noted that the slight absurdity of the game still leaves players in a state of frustration and that no one can get there to rejuvenate them. New Worlds is slated for launch later this month and has already attracted a lot of attention despite the mixed reactions to the internal beta earlier this year. Criticized were inter alia. the lack of diversity of opponents, the unbalanced economy in the game, frequent crashes and a multitude of bugs. One of these concerned Twitch hosts who were automatically banned from milking. One of the reasons Amazon has postponed the new world is to give developers time to fix the issues players encountered in the closed beta. Based on the comments on Fan Reddit, the effort seems to have been largely successful, but there are still some bugs and balance issues. However, the fact that the number of players in the New World peaked so early in the beta could be a red flag. However, it is probably too early to make meaningful predictions about the success of MMOs. And you can buy cheap New World Coins from https://www.newworldgolds.com/ once it released.
  3. Amazon's New World is the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Amazon Games. With a release date of September 28, 2021, Amazon's first massively multiplayer game is just around the corner. Amazon's New World takes place in the twilight of an alternate era of the 17th century, in which players immerse themselves in the haunted wilderness of Aeternum and meet a plethora of strange characters and creatures. In addition to exploring this mysterious island, players will build a territory, manage it and build their own homes. From the costumes to the opponents, from the houses to the landscapes themselves, Amazon's New World has a unique art style that completely immerses players in the world of Aeternum. We spoke to Associate Art Director Sojin Hwang and Art Director Charles Bradbury to find out how the art team got inspired, set the style for the new world, and eventually brought the concept to life. Read on to learn their design secrets, and take a look at our top character design tips to learn more about character creation. Make sure you can start enjoying the New World of Amazon right away by ordering now. The game costs $ 39.99 / £ 34.99 and won't be available until September 28th. Hwang explains that the 17th century served as the starting point and loose inspiration for creating the new world. "The 17th century is known as the age of exploration and discovery, and many explorers left their homes to explore other parts of the world. We wanted players to have that sense of exploration, exploring the unknown. It's about Jump points into the supernatural ". Hwang and the art team at Amazon Games liked the idea of Aeternum as a realm where myths and legends come true. "In this regard, there have been countless folk tales in all cultures of the world throughout history about ghosts, monsters, and other phenomena. Aeternum is where all these legends come true. So we wanted the overall artistic direction to be based on reality but also include the supernatural and the associated fantasy elements. The New World graphics team had a clear vision for the balance between fantasy and realism in developing the look and feel of the game. "We wanted to create an immersive, supernatural world," says Hwang, "and we built fantastic magical elements into the game so you should come across unusual things around every corner." The world and creatures of the new world have been designed to be exaggerated and dramatic, yet believable. "It's about the visual contrast. We have this eerie forest, but there is also beautiful lush nature. Often we use bold artistic imagery. We try to push as much as possible in certain areas, but we also rely heavily on each other on a believable nature and familiar scenes to draw the player into the world, so that it is even more noticeable when we incorporate these supernatural elements into this world. " The Amazon Games art team is always looking for new and better ways to develop concept art. "I encourage my team to learn and stay curious," adds Hwang, "and we share Photoshop brushes and techniques among team members. Some concept artists use 3D programs like Maya, ZBrush, or Blender to quickly get ideas for Evolving creatures. It is a very effective and quick way to create a multitude of variations. The sheer volume of MMORPGs can make them a huge design challenge. The nature of online role-playing games means that a great many people can immerse themselves in new worlds at the same time. "Everyone wants to look different from the other, which means we need a lot of content," explains Wong. "We had to provide drops for many of our expeditions, quests, events, and boss fights. The players should be able to make different themed costumes and weapons or receive them as rewards. We want them to look very unique and creative."