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  1. The Guardians finished today with a win, and right now that feels like enough. They almost let game one slip away, making Triston McKenzie sweat it out until a seventh-inning rally gave them the lead and didn’t let his outstanding start go to waste. McKenzie finished with 6.0 innings pitched, seven strikeouts, and one earned run off of three hits. Most importantly, he issued just one walk. On that note, how many starts does he have to consistently find the zone and not walk a bunch until we consider him completely locked in? Whatever that number is https://www.clevelandfanshop.com/115-Indians_Shane_Bieber_Jersey, I think he’s nearing it. Today marked his seventh-straight start with one or fewer walks, and he entered today’s game with a 1.48 BB/9 since returning from the minors on July 9. Locked. In.Today he served up 33 four-seamers, 27 sliders, and a dozen curveballs. The curve was especially effective, inducing a swinging strike or called strike 50% of the time. With only 72 pitches under his belt, it’s not difficult to imagine he would have pitched the eighth in a nine-inning game. But alas, this was a doubleheader and Emmanuel Clase was brought in to lock things down in the bottom of the seventh.Just as Merritt Rohlfing noted earlier today, McKenzie’s fastball frequently found itself up in the strike zone Andres Gimenez Jersey, working all three of his four-seam whiffs in the upper half. Offensively, Cleveland had their rally late but that was about all they did. The heart of the lineup José Ramírez, Franmil Reyes, and Bobby Bradley combined to go 0-for-9 with three strikeouts. It was the bottom half of the lineup that provided the runs late. Game two was sort of a similar story, but the results were ... not as good. Logan Allen absolutely cruised through 3.1 innings, but once Ryan Jeffers came to the plate and doubled in the fourth, he unraveled quickly. He allowed a Willians Astudillo double and a single after that to blow a 3-0 lead. Trevor Stephan came into clean-up the damage before pitching the whole fifth inning and the majority of the sixth https://www.clevelandfanshop.com/139-Indians_Amed_Rosario_Jersey. His only blemish in 1.2 innings was a home run from Jeffers. By that point, though with the offense the way it is the game was basically over, anyway. Just like in game one, the Guardians finished with six hits. This time Ramírez, Reyes, and Bradley each had a hit, at least, and as a team, they only struck out five times. Back-to-back-to-back hits from Amed Rosario, Ramírez, and Reyes to give the Guards a 3-0 lead in the third wasn’t enough because of Allen’s aforementioned disaster of a fourth inning. So they finish the day 1-1, 70-73 overall, and still technically second in the AL Central. At least they didn’t get no-hit again.
  2. Luke Voit is a very talented hitter. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise. His body of work with the Yankees has been impressive, as his wRC+ by season has gone from 195 in the scorching-hot second half of his 2018 introduction to 125 in a solid 2019 https://www.newyorkystore.com/50-Yankees_Gerrit_Cole_Jersey, 152 in the shortened 2020, and 116 through August 31st of the 2021 campaign.It’s not entirely clear where Voit’s true talent exactly lies in between those numbers. His 116 wRC+ is trending upwards this year. We’ve seen him hit his stride and begin to tap back into this power since the month began. The ZiPS projection system indicates that Voit will be a 135 wRC+ hitter the rest of the way, while THE BAT X estimates a 123 wRC+. His career 134 wRC+ is probably indicative of what we should expect from him. That being said, Voit is who he is because of an elite swing. His mechanics are consistent even when he struggles, he is still an above-average hitter because he has such great timing mechanisms in his process. Consider it this way: Voit’s approach fluctuates year-to-year. Looking through his seasons with the Yankees, it’s evident that his strikeout and walk rates vary on an annual basis. The same message comes across in his Statcast Swing/Take profile. His approach contributes to whether he is very good or elite, but Voit’s swing gives him a baseline for success https://www.newyorkystore.com/48-Yankees_Estevan_Florial_Jersey. Without his swing, he would not be able to maintain said success while striking out 30 percent of the time .With that in mind, let’s dive into Voit’s swing this year. It’s the reason why he has been able to catapult himself back into the starting lineup despite the Yankees floating him at the trade deadline and acquiring the former All-Star first baseman Anthony Rizzo. The Yankees slugger has a signature movement that sets him apart from his peers. I like to to call it “the hover.”Before explaining why the hover works for Voit, I must point out a drill that is done across all levels of baseball: the hover drill https://www.newyorkystore.com/4-Yankees_New_York_Yankees. It can be done on a tee, live pitching, or any medium. Simply put, a hitter hovers their stride foot over the ground as they enter the hip hinge. The hitter then holds their hover for a random amount of time then triggers their swing as fast as possible. The drill trains a few things. First, it puts a hitter in a situation where they need to initiate their swings with different timings. Second, it stresses the need for a hitter to hold their hinge/gather with the intention of exploding out of it at random times. Voit’s ability to do this in live action is extremely impressive. In 2019, he spoke with David Laurila of FanGraphs about his swing and hitting process. In that conversation, he spoke briefly on what he calls his leg swing and why he added it to his game:“…For awhile I had a big leg kick. That started working for me, then I slowly… it felt like pitchers were quick-pitching me. Not on purpose, but rather the quicker the guy was to the plate… that’s something I struggled with. That’s when I developed this little leg swing.”Voit later went on to say that the leg swing is his timing mechanism. That tracks with how he uses it in games. Depending on who is on the mound, he begins his leg swing at different times. Whether he is facing a high velocity fastball or a low-80s breaking ball https://www.newyorkystore.com/51-Yankees_Giancarlo_Stanton_Jersey, he is able to initiate his swing at whatever speed happens to be necessary.Sometimes, he starts his leg swing earlier to adjust for high velocity, like against this 98-mph fastball from Nathan Eovaldi: In anticipation of a different pitch mix coming from Minnesota’s Charlie Barnes https://www.newyorkystore.com/73-Yankees_Luke_Voit_Jersey, Voit starts his swing a little later and still barrels up the ball despite being slightly early:This outcome is a direct result of Voit’s ability to hover however he needs to while staying in his hinge, waiting to rotate as fast as possible. The slider below gives a still-shot example of where the pitchers’ deliveries are within these two swings, relative to when Voit’s stride foot first leaves the ground: Eovaldi is just about to reach peak leg lift as Voit begins his, but Barnes is already in his forward move as Voit begins the leg swing. These swings came just a few days apart in the third week of August. The home run off Sean Manaea shown earlier came on August 27th. In a short span, Voit displayed his ability to spray the ball at over 100 mph to all fields. That’s when you know a hitter has it going.Voit’s rolling xwOBA chart shows further that he is doing everything he can to get the best results: MLB.com: Baseball Savant Voit’s hot streak has stood out even with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton posting stellar months of their own. The three players entered action on Tuesday with a 153 wRC+, 176 wRC+, and 187 wRC+ in the month of August, respectively. They have led the charge for a reignited offense.With Rizzo hitting the COVID-IL and struggling for the entirety of the month with a 50 wRC+, Voit has been a reliable bat for the Yankees Gary Sanchez Jersey, just as he has been for his entire tenure. He said it loud and clear: He has a track record with the Yankees that speaks for itself. Voit’s confidence is at its peak, and he deserves to play. It’s almost impossible to leave him out of the lineup when he has his timing at a place where it is right now. I’ll leave you all here with a quote from the slugger himself:Luke Voit with 2 game winning hits today and some tough words as he fights for playing time at 1B with Anthony Rizzo. "I'm not going down. I want to play," he said.
  3. The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the GameEugenio Suarez bashed a 2-run homer Bernie Carbo Jersey, added a single, sac-fly, and a walk, and had one of his better offensive performances of the year for the Cincinnati Reds on Monday against the Minnesota Twins. That was good. Quite good. The kind of good that makes you hold out hope that he’s going to eventually go on a complete tear at some point this year the way the good ol’ Geno used to do.It wasn’t enough and the Reds lost, though. Life is pain, folks. Life is pain.Honorable Mentions are due to: Jonathan India, who singled thrice and added a walk from the leadoff spot; Tyler Stephenson, who walked twice, singled, and scored; Aristides Aquino, who socked a solo homer; and Amir Garrett, who came out of the ‘pen to put out a huge fire in the Bottom of the 8th.Key PlaysNelson Cruz got the scoring started with a solo dong, because Nelson Cruz gets scoring started a lot with solo dongs Benito Santiago Jersey. Said dong came off Tyler Mahle in the Bottom of the 2nd, and the Twins later strung together enough baserunners for an Alex Kiriloff RBI single and Luis Arraez sac fly, leaving the Reds behind 3-0 early.The Cincinnati Dinger Apparatus engaged in the Top of the 4th, with the thunderous righty bats in the lineup against Minnesota lefty J.A. Happ doing the biggest damage. After Tyler Stephenson coaxed a leadoff walk, Geno booped a 2-run homer into the LF stands, with Aquino following him immediately with a solo job that leveled the score at 3-3.After a handful of scenarios that teetered on reaching ‘game-winning’ status for both sides, this game eventually leaked into extra-innings anyway. The Reds again used the ghostrunner that started on 2B to begin the Top of the 10th to their advantage, as Nick Castellanos immediately singled to score said runner and give the Reds a 4-3 lead. Later, Castellanos moved to 3B on a single by Stephenson and scored on a sac-fly by Geno, a run that gave the Reds a 5-3 lead https://www.cincinnatistoreonline.com/43-Reds_Gary_Nolan_Jersey.Sean Doolittle took the mound for the Bottom of the 10th and promptly yielded an RBI double to Luis Arraez. A single and sac-fly later, and the Twins had tied things at 5-5.Miguel Sano bashed a 2-run tater off Heath Hembree in the Bottom of the Whatevereth, and the Reds lost 7-5, sinking to their 5th consecutive defeat.Tony GraphaninoSource: FanGraphsOther NotesTwins CF Byron Buxton exited this contest early after being hit on the hand by a Tyler Mahle pitch, and as of the 8th inning on Monday we were still unaware of the status of his x-ray results, unfortunately. Here’s to hoping he’s a-ok, as this game is infinitely better when players of his immense talent are healthy and crushing things.Mahle, meanwhile, was slightly less than his best on the evening. He had said HBP alongside 3 BB in just 4 IP, though he did counter it with 8 K. Those things conspired to push his pitch count high very https://www.cincinnatistoreonline.com/66-Reds_Mike_Moustakas_Jersey, very early, however, and his evening ended after just 4 IP with 5 H and 3 ER yielded on 93 pitches.Tuesday will wrap this short interleague series, and it’ll happen early with a 1:10 PM ET start time. Wade Miley will again toe the rubber for the Reds, while the Twins will roll out Bailey Ober.
  4. It’s time for the mid-season 2021 Purple Row Prospects polling thread, Purple Row’s community farm system top 30 ranking! Since the last time we did this , there are some new prospects in the Rockies organization: acquired via the draft, trades, and other avenues. Several other players who were eligible for the list the last time have lost their eligibility, whether from exceeding their rookie status or leaving the organization. This polling comes later than in a typical season Daniel Bard Jersey, as the delayed 2021 MLB draft was late enough that it made more sense to wait for the trade deadline to pass before polls opened up . Moreover, most players are coming off a year without organized baseball activities and have been thrown into a different minor league structure than was present before.Colorado’s farm system is still generally ranked in the bottom 10 in MLB by the national prospect watchers, though the influx in draft and a little trade talent helps a bit. That written, any optimism the farm can provide Rockies fans in this tough year is welcome, and this is still one of my favorite Purple Row threads each year. Let’s get to it.The polling rules are pretty simple:Your list must be at least 30 players long – partial ballots will not be counted. If you’re having trouble filling out your list, check out great resources like FanGraphs and Baseball Reference to find any stats you might need. Only the top 30 names will be counted on the ballot; if the same player is listed multiple times on the ballot, the player ranked 31st will be moved up to fill the list. Same if one of the players on your ballot is traded or released between your post and polling ending. To reiterate: if there aren’t at least 30 distinct players on the list, the ballot won’t be counted. For that reason, it is encouraged that you list more than 30 players in case of a duplicate listing or a player move Robert Stephenson Jersey.Feel free to give a rationale about the placement of each prospect, but you aren’t required to do so by any means.Voting will be open from now until the end of the week, August 8th. Once I tabulate the results, I will reveal the list five at a time over the next few weeks or so after voting ends.Players are eligible for inclusion if they still retain their Rookie of the Year eligibility .Several PuRPs from the pre-season 2021 list are no longer eligible. These PuRPs are: Ben Bowden , Yonathan Daza https://www.coloradofanstore.com/86-Rockies_Joshua_Fuentes_Jersey, Dom Nuñez , and Riley Pint . Bowden, Daza, and Nuñez exhausted their rookie eligibility while Pint retired.In addition, three other players who received votes last time are no longer eligible because they’ve exhausted rookie eligibility: Jordan Sheffield , Justin Lawrence, and Alan TrejoAny player who is eligible at the start of the polling period will be eligible for the list even if they lose eligibility before the final list is posted . Though the trade deadline has passed, roster churn is a year-round phenomenon. Any necessary changes will be made to the final version of the list to ensure it contains the top 30 players still in the org at that time https://www.coloradofanstore.com/28-Rockies_Dale_Murphy_Jersey.Scoring will be in done like the AP poll in college football. A first place vote gets a player 30 points, a second place vote 29, and so forth on down to one point for a 30th place vote. It’s important to note that until a player is named on at least 1⁄3 of all ballots cast that their vote totals will only receive partial credit .All ballots are weighted equally . The PuRPs list is a community ranking of Rockies prospects and we’re proud of the fact that again and again it’s a really good one. As a result, we ask that you put some quality effort into compiling your list.Remember, everyone has their own methodology of ranking their PuRPs. You may disagree with how one community member ranks their PuRPs over your own, but it remains in your hands to maintain civil discourse when discussing said PuRPs.
  5. Toledo Mud Hens 12 https://www.detroitfanstore.com/81-Tigers_Spencer_Turnbull_Jersey, Omaha Storm Chasers 5 The Mud Hens just wrecked Storm Chasers’ pitching on Thursday night. Derek Hill hit two home runs out of the leadoff spotok he’s ready guyswhile Yariel Gonzalez and Isaac Paredes each added home runs of their own. The major damage came in a seven run third inning that knocked a good pitching prospect in Daniel Lynch out of the game with authority. Lefties in general are not going to enjoy this Hens lineup. Derek Holland started this one and threw a scoreless inning of rehab work. So did Jason Foley, before turning it over to Nolan Blackwood for three scoreless. Henry Martinez blew up for a four run sixth https://www.detroitfanstore.com/5-Tigers_Al_Kaline_Jersey, but the Hens scored four more in the eighth with a pair of two-run shots from Hill and Paredes and cruised to victory.Hill: 2-5, 2 R, 4 RBI, 2 HR, 2 SOParedes: 2-5, 2 R, 2 RBI, HR, 2BRobson: 2-5, R, 2 RBI, 2B, SOJones: 3-5, 2 R, RBI, SOComing Up Next: RHP Drew Hutchison will take on another good prospect in RHP Jackson Kowar on Friday night at 8:10 p https://www.detroitfanstore.com/10-Tigers_Willie_Horton_Jersey.m. ET.Erie SeaWolves at Somerset Patriots Rained out on Thursday, the game hasn’t been rescheduled as of this writing. Currently they’re set for a 7:05 p.m. ET start on Friday night, with Jesus Rodriguez going for Erie.Dayton Dragons 10, West Michigan Whitecaps 8 Dayton blew up starter Adam Wolf in the first inning on Thursday night, dropping six runs on him, but the Whitecaps actually had the lead in this one, albeit briefly. The ‘Caps fought back in the second with three runs on RBI singles from Parker Meadows and Wenceel Perez. Reynaldo Rivera sacrificed home Meadows with a fly ball for the third run in the inning. In the fifth, Gage Workman golfed a two-run shot for his first with the Whitecaps. They scratched two more runs out in the sixth, and when Daniel Cabrera scampered home on a wild pitch in the seventh, the Whitecaps led 7-5. Unfortunately the bullpen couldn’t hold it Derek Hill Jersey, as Bryce Tassin allowed them to tie it up in the eighth, and Michael Bienlien came on in relief and blew the save.Workman: 1-4, R, 2 RBI, HR, BBNavigato: 1-3, R, 2 BBComing Up Next: The Whitecaps look to snap a six game skid on Friday night at 7:05 p.m. ET. Lakeland Flying Tigers 8, Palm Beach Cardinals 4 Willander Moreno and Isrrael de la Cruz combined for 5 1⁄3 innings of one run ball with zero walks and nine strikeouts between them in the middle of this one, and the offense took the opportunity, roaring back from starter Ted Stuka’s early deficit to win going away. Stuka allowed three runs and was lifted in the second inning, with Moreno taking over. Carlos Pelegrin doubled home Ulrich Bojarski in the third to get Lakeland on the board. In the sixth, they roared back to tie the game with a three run inning. Kingston Liniak and Nick Quintana’s RBI singles were the big hits in the inning. In the eighth, they came back for four more. After Trei Cruz led off the inning with a single and then stole second base, Eliezer Alfonzo hit a ground rule double to score him. Quintana, Alvaro Gonzalez, Colt Keith, and Jimmy Kerr then walked in succession. Both Ulrich Bojarski and Carlos Pelegrin both struck out with the bases juiced, but the damage was already done.
  6. After an exciting series win against the Red Sox, the White Sox welcomed the Angels for the first of a three-game series in Chicago. Fortunately, the bullpen delivered five scoreless innings, and the offense was quite lively. As a result, the South Siders got their 83rd win of the season with relative ease. Let’s take a look at how it happened.The StartersLucas Giolito returned from the injured list with a strong performance. While three earned runs in four innings does not sound great, Giolito performed better than those numbers would lead us to believe.All three of the runs Giolito allowed came on home runs that would have normally been fly outs. However, tonight’s luck was not on Giolito’s side https://www.chicagowxstore.com/72-White_Sox_Luis_Robert_Jersey, as he allowed home runs with expected batting averages of .170 and .300. As far as his ability to miss bats, Giolito was not rusty in the slightest. Giolito racked up 18 whiffs, which made up 40% of all swings by the Angels against him.Giolito finished with four innings, three runs, three hits, two walks, and eight strikeouts. Here is a closer look at his 87-pitch performance: After a quiet first inning, the White Sox made things difficult for rookie Packy Naughton. Naughton threw 58 pitches before being removed after two and two-thirds innings Jace Fry Jersey, as limiting sharp contact was an issue for him.Luis Robert launched a 434-foot home run in the second inning to tie the game, and it only got worse from there. A double by Leury García followed by an RBI single by Gavin Sheets gave the White Sox a 2-1 lead. The White Sox led the rest of the way. In the third, the South Siders added a few insurance runs, and Naughton was responsible for two of them. The score was still 2-1 when Naughton left the game, but the two hitters he allowed to reach base went on to score after the bullpen took over.Here is how the 58-pitch outing from Naughton shaped up: Pressure PlayWhen Luis Rengifo came up to bat for the Angels in the fifth against Mike Wright Jr., the score was 7-3, but the bases were loaded. In addition, the fact that there were two outs added to the leverage index. As a result, this at-bat had a leverage index of 2.29, the highest of the game. Fortunately, after issuing three walks, Wright pitched out of the jam by striking out Rengifo.Pressure CookerOn average, White Sox reliever Mike Wright Jr. faced the most high-pressure situations out of any player in this game, with a pLI of 1.14. Wright put himself in a difficult position by walking three batters in his only inning of work, but he escaped without allowing any runs.Top PlayThe three-run homer by Sheets increased the South Siders’ odds of winning the game by 15.9% . That home run gave the White Sox three insurance runs and made the score 6-1.Top PerformerIn terms of WPA, Sheets was tonight’s top performer, finishing with at .276.SmackdownHardest hit: Luis Robert’s third inning double left his bat at 111.7 mph.Weakest contact: By contrast, Yasmani Grandal’s eighth inning ground out had an exit velocity of only 52.1 mph.Luckiest hit: The fourth inning home run by Jared Walsh had an xBA of only .170.Toughest out: Robert’s seventh inning line out had an xBA of .670, but with the exception of this award, he did not have anything to show for it.Longest hit: Sheets’ 447-foot home run edges out Robert’s 434-foot home run to claim this award https://www.chicagowxstore.com/44-White_Sox_Eloy_Jimenez_Jersey.Magic Number: 9Success in the postseason is often linked to production from all parts of a lineup instead of a ton of success from a couple of core players. Tonight, the bottom of the order was on fire, as the bottom four hitters in the lineup racked up a total of nine hits Chicago White Sox T-Shirts. In addition, those hitters drove in seven runs, with four of them coming from WPA MVP Gavin Sheets.
  7. Marcell Ozuna developed an physical appearance inside Fulton County Magistrate Courtroom Monday the place he was introduced towards custody as soon as post a $20,000 bond and obtained in the direction of consist of no call with his spouse. He did not resolution inquiries against the media when he was unveiled https://www.abfansstore.com/Marcell_Ozuna_Jersey-70. Ozunas attorneys claimed that Ozuna and his spouse Genesis are within just the method of divorce. The was the initial move inside of what will in all probability be a very long course of action for Ozuna who is struggling with the foreseeable future for in depth prison period if convicted. His baseball vocation is not sure as nicely. Large League Baseball consists of released an study into the accident that may possibly just take a lot of weeks in the direction of enjoy out. Ozuna went upon the hurt record past this 7 days and was required in direction of miss out on at bare minimum 6 months. No suspension in opposition to the league would going start off until eventually Ozuna was balanced sufficient in the direction of resume participating in.Mainly because his arrest, there includes been innumerable phone calls for the Braves in direction of launch him and some confusion about whether or not they would be demanded toward shell out the remainder of the 4-12 months, $65 million offer that he signed this last offseason. The Sports activities Ken Rosenthal laid out the causes that the Braves going wont be in a position towards void Ozunas agreement. No workers is made up of even tried out towards cancel the deal of any of the 13 gamers currently suspended for residence violence, knowledge initiatives in the direction of switch sure m y into non-positive in just other scenarios include seldom resulted in just some thing much more than partial accomplishment.Yet except Ozuna pleads responsible or serves season within just prison, the Braves virtually absolutely will be obligated toward pay out him any m y he is owed further than a prospective suspension.If the league does suspend Ozuna, then that may possibly get started an awkward interval of uncertainty for the Braves as they attempt toward Estimate how towards commence Marcell Ozuna Jersey. There will be worry in the direction of minimize ties with him, nevertheless as Rosenthal specifics out, there are many illustrations over the league wherever gamers were being suspended for house violence and not introduced due to the fact their groups have been reluctant in direction of slash ties with them and pay back them. Names these types of as Aroldis Chapman, Domingo German, Roberto Ozuna and Odubel Herrera are illustrations. Added Braves NewsAtlanta scored a a lot-demanded 5-3 acquire more than the Washington Nationals Monday Tom Glavine Jersey. Ronald Acua Jr. released his 16th house operate of the period. Charlie Morton pitched effectively and the bullpen locked factors down for the earn. The Braves developed a roster go earlier in direction of Mondays get in excess of the Nationals picking the agreement of outfielder Abraham Almonte who was off in direction of a scorching commence at the plate at Gwinnett. The personnel opti d reliever Jay Flaa in the direction of Triple-A and transferred straight-hander Huascar Ynoa toward the 60-working day hurt listing in the direction of open up a destination upon the 40-gentleman roster. A large amount of components contain not g straight for the Braves in just 2021 nonetheless they comprise even now be seriously unfortunate upon the offensive aspect of aspects. Right here is a nearer visual appearance at their good results in direction of day and what they might necessarily mean for the remainder of the time. MLB NewsThe Chicago White Sox put Michael Kopech upon the 10-working day wounded listing with a strained still left hamstring. Yankees rookie Luis Severino was scheduled toward toss a 3-inning simulated sport Monday and if all goes straight, will start a rehab assignment Sunday. Severino is doing the job his route again against Tommy John surgical procedures which he experienced within just February of 2020 Ian Anderson Jersey. Preceding in direction of Mondays reduction in direction of the Braves, the Nationals reinstated outfielder Victor Robles towards the 10-working day wounded record. Robles incorporates been out due to the fact Could possibly 19 thanks in direction of sprained ankle Hoyt Wilhelm Jersey. The Los Angeles Angels put lefty Jose Quintana upon the wounded listing with shoulder swelling and recalled Jose Quijada towards just take his location upon the busy roster. Quintana lasted merely a few innings inside his commence Sunday owing in direction of suffering inside of his shoulder. The Refreshing York Mets induced Pete Alonso, Kevin Pillar and Seth Lugo towards the wounded listing Monday. Pillar is returning specifically 2 months as soon as becoming strike in just the encounter through a fastball thrown by way of Atlantas Jacob Webb.