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  1. Buy generic Alprazolam (Xanax) bars Online half life | Ativan Vs Xanax Can Xanax mess up your brain? Xanax is a medication to stop your anxiety and panic disorders. Also, if you are bearing from this problem, you can consume it to get fast relief in your problem. You must buy Xanax online. When you take it without any reason and in an overdose of this medicine, the possibility can be an increase of damaging your brain cells. Because you are taking in over quantity. After consumption, it slowly harms your body. So, using more Xanax medicine can be dangerous for you. That is why before taking this medicine, you should take all the precautions while you use Alprazolam medicine. Also, you will have to take the right dose by which you will not have to face any other harm in your body. How does Xanax make you feel? After consumption of Xanax weight gain medicine, you will feel so relaxed. But, sometimes, when you take an overdose of this medicine, then you feel dizzy and drowsy. 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