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  1. Re-Vision - GRAND PRIZE $10.000

    Electus will always be NUMBER 1
  2. Re-Vision - Redesigned Honor Buffs & Ranking System

    Bringing the changes we need in 2022 Electus #1
  3. Revision - Giving Back to the Community

    This will bring the much loved action back to Electus, Good work by all involved. can't wait for go !!
  4. Revision - Electus Play2Win NPC

    Great work, For the people who job on more then one char, will they be able to transfer items bought from this npc to other accounts and sell in game to other players ?
  5. Revision - No More Astrals!

    Will we have way to obtain Immortal stones as well from game play alone ? and will they be actions in place to stop players who use ways around to get more chars blocked from obtaining these. ? Electus 2022 <3
  6. Revision - No More 5 different SOX types

    Fair gameplay is what's needed in Electus. Looking forward to it.
  7. This is a very good idea, its going to make a real challenge and exciting experience.