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  1. Re-Vision - SOX Release Dates

    Ok Thx for that then :). But i guess 1 week for normal items is a bit too short ^^
  2. Re-Vision - SOX Release Dates

    Hello, i guess u still go so fast whit the items, we dont have the time for do alchemy all the day, most of us work and spend only 2h at the game... whit all the actvity we have too do everyday we will have just end ur items then sox will change... ( i mean at the begining)
  3. Re-Vision - GRAND PRIZE $10.000

    can't wait too play that game :).
  4. good idea but i think the DAMAGE league will be more played than the others
  5. Re-Vision - Squid Game

    look fun yeah
  6. Revision - Electus Play2Win NPC

    Great job, keep going
  7. Revision - Electus Server Dungeon (NEW!)

    it's a good idea :), this dungeon will give us sp for godsend skill too ? and will you down the numbers of godsend skills ? bcz it's hard too get all this skills maxed