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  1. ELECTUS 2022 is coming so HARD <3
  2. Revision - Electus Server Dungeon (NEW!)

    Always gives the new system, can't wait to play this dungeon <3
  3. Seems promising and good idea, i can't wait to try this new event!
  4. Revision - Giving Back to the Community

    Great idea and great job guys, we are so excited to see what's coming next
  5. Revision - Electus Server Dungeon (NEW!)

    great job, add special drops in dungeon because we need people to be active always in dungoen it gives more fun
  6. Revision - No More 5 different SOX types

    old school sox is the best , but i suggest if we can upgrade Star to Moon then Sun
  7. Revision - Electus Play2Win NPC

    can't wait for 2022 to test all new features <3
  8. Revision - No More Astrals!

    rly good idea , iam waitng to see more news about immortals too