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  1. Re-Vision - Squid Game

    squid game inside sro this is insane
  2. Revision - Electus Play2Win NPC

    thats what we needed
  3. Re-Vision - SOX Release Dates

    this is so smart
  4. Re-Vision - GRAND PRIZE $10.000

    cant wait
  5. Revision - Giving Back to the Community

    and thats what everybody want playing on free time and get profit ty electus
  6. Revision - No More 5 different SOX types

    your going classic good job
  7. and thats how to enjoy and get free silk too
  8. Revision - Electus Server Dungeon (NEW!)

    iam more than excited to play this please lunch it asap
  9. Revision - No More Astrals!

    very good idea to stop spamming pay2win buy astral