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  1. PVP Event for EVERYBODY

    the current pvp event shouldnt be changed, a new one will be great
  2. PVP Event for EVERYBODY

    I think this is a great idea and would love to see it
  3. Hello, I’ve seen lately alot of players complaining about too many thieves and no hunters to protect them and this is right. As a trader i dont go with the caravan, but almost every trade I do I see a thief wheter it is jangan-donwhang or donwhang-hotan even if i dont go through dead ravine and take the long way there are thieves. my suggestion is, open const and samarakand to trading, this way the thieves will be more split. I dont get why they are closed to begin with.
  4. 110 Cap Suggestions (GENERAL)

    Hello, my suggestion is to remove zerk in survival arena because it gives a huge advantage to those who use it. for example a chinese nuker has just used his snow shield and then a player with zerk 1 shot him... its very annoying and in my opinion should be disabled.
  5. 110 Cap Suggestions (GENERAL)

    Hey, i think you should increase the jobbing daily limit, i know why it is here and its importance but it is very difficult for new players or ones that didnt play for a long period to catch up and get to cap for egy b. I thing increasing it to 90 or 100 would be helpful yet not too much since most players are already at cap or near it.