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  2. 100 Cap Skill Balance Feedback & Suggestions

    This guy's point is actually good,try to make a full dagger combo and then start it again,you'll have a one or two seconds gap till your cooldowns are coming back,I'd suggest making the dagger godsent skill not share cooldown with the normal one then its going to be good cooldownwise. And once again,bring back the prick damage , rogue is the only useless eur teamplay class , it always been the 1v1 build,now you taking that too? You should check warrior and how oppresive he is , viable everywhere , immortal when he has skins , not being forced to take any risk for a bit of damage like rogue's dagger desperate , yet insane damage on dare devil...
  3. 100 Cap Suggestions (GENERAL)

    Custom glows for any plus below +10 should be out of discussion,nobody wants a rainbow server,wings are enough.
  4. Fallow/Attack Pets = Low FPS ?

    Have you ever played any turkish server? LUL
  5. Event

    Reward honor buff,guess you're trolling huh?
  6. iPhone or Samsung?

    This topic would've been a good poll. Anyways,replying to the question,I'm having an iPhone right now , had several androids before but the iPhone is just outstanding.