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  1. Nr. 1 suggestion, why is rogue prick still not 1hitting everyone???? Seriously though, I know warrior rogue is pretty much a meme build (with the probability changes) and this likely wont make it viable but anyhow, you can't use the recovery potion skill as a warrior rogue under stun, knockback, knockdown (any cc basically), which is pretty bad, I'd say that's pretty much the one of the key moments you want to be using it. Third just something that I was thinking, maybe it's too early to say but adding some form of an INT requirement to "Holy group recovery" skill's last few upgrades could work. The skill basically heals you to 100% hp with a decent rod and it has zero cast animation maybe the change is not needed just putting it out there since STR healing is strong as hell (zero chance to kill them while they are healing but then again it might affect the group battles), and finally I'd suggest editing screens even further, full buffs and constant bless should already be enough, screens just make the character unkillable for 30seconds, imo. making them same as chn (15s) wouldn't still change shit full buffed eu's don't really even need screens it just makes you immortal for 30secs which is boring as hell to me but maybe others do enjoy it. PS. Shoutout to the "9years" 1hit pick guy for laughs.
  2. Godsend version for one of the axe combos (not the stun).