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Found 1 result

  1. hi everyone, i'm here making this post because i saw some "unfair" things on the server, i understand bot is allowed on the server, its good, but there have some players that use the (sBOT), The problem is an option that says "see invisible players". in my view this is not fair, since the class that owns it can not use 100% of its potential against other classes, in the case of a thief who needs to pass information to his group for example, it discourages to play with rogue/mage with some "diferent" tatics, why i cant use it too? i have to pay SBOT to get it? why i cant walk invisible without someone comes like a boss in my side and destealth me ? so the skill should not exist what i say about it: Admins this is fair? what can do to punish that type of noob players? some balance skills like for destealth can fix it? i'm sad with it pls consider my task. bellow a video about it. (advances to 2:53 min.) thanks!