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Found 2 results

  1. Idea of balance

    Hi, I've been playing in this server for few time and as a new player(month) I can say something. The updates are quite nice, but the idea of trying to balance for the new players isn't working. If you are a new player, the only thing that you can do is TRADING, just it. You can't go in any event because de old players are too strong and this way you can't farm any kind of coin. After the release of the last update, I thought something that could help the server to get balance between old players, not that old players and new players. it would be, the balance between the way you get items. The sosun items are on the way and the last items are going straight away to the bin (sos, soa, eden), no one will buy them, and the old players that already are full moon will be full sun is a short period of time, making the unbalance between the new players even bigger to the old players(way worst to go in events). So the ideia would be. 1) Split the events between EP points in the events. (Low points against low & hight against high) or by their equip or godsend skills lvl. 2) Make it possible to change any item EDEN to SOM, that way eden won't go to the bin like sos and soa. 3) Make possible to destry eden items to get adv elixirs to moon wep. This way you will your players active in the events and running to get boxes with eden things. Otherwise with sun wep you are creating an EVEN BIGGER GAP between the players and many of them are giving up the server because this. The fun of silkroad is not just do caravans 24h. Make it happen.
  2. Hello Electus, This is a suggestion to improve the comparison between players by using the "Ranking" function on the website. Did you ever wonder why this one guy has 100 points more than you? Or did you want to know how you points would change if you finally got this weapon to +9? I got the solution: Write down the points every single item gives next to its information on the Ranking page! To the devs: If you can edit the shown tooltip, remove the "can use advanced elixier" part and replace it with "Item points: XXX"! If not, it would be cool to add an additional textfield next to the item icon that states the points of the corresponding item. I would add an example to the attachments, but it did not work. I can send it to any GM/Dev that is interested! Yours, Vel