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Found 4 results

  1. Changing job

    I am new to the server i was a trader but i wanted to change to hunter but i didn't know the penalty was 3 days and i didn't read it on the epvpers i think its not there also cause i was reading it so i am asking a favor if someone can remove the penalty from my account or make me a trader again i know some of it is my fault but i am asking to get back as a trader i won't get profit for 2 days since happened and i didn't know and it wasn't on the epvpers so if someone can help me on this one i will be grateful
  2. Hey, There is a bug out there, which makes the transpet of invisible thiefs unattackable. Thiefs can simply go invisible and pick up tradergoods, and cant be punished for it, because we cannot kill their transpet. MFG Speedyo
  3. About job level

    For all players I think my suggestion will be good. Game can store players ' job lvl and exp, so when we change job for example changing thief to hunter, my lvl of thief will be store, when I turn back to thief I will be old lvl for thief. I think it is good idea. Hear that, In these days all new or old players goes thief job,in this case we can change thief to hunter for 2 weeks and this will be better. coz server gold amount is decreasing and jobbing is stucking. so basicly you can setup this feature for other weeks. it would be nice. btw I can be better with all job allience when my guild turns thief for 2 weeks I
  4. even when the thieves will be nerfed? the server is said to be focused on the job, however the silkroad I know the pvp between trader / hunter vs thief is intense, what does not happen on that server ... what you see is only AFK traders, it seems like a pace in the park, these traders, even sleep. another factor, where hunter has already won more than trader, adding all this I can say that can delete the job thief of the server because it is embellishment, it is impossible to face traders / hunters, if we do not have numbers for this. It's a pity, the silkroad I know is not like this ...