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Found 2 results

  1. CHANGELOG 07.12.2023

    Date: 07.12.2023 Time: 18:00 Downtime: 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes (Watch #main-lounge for updates) Weekly Resets Weekly Honor reset Achievement #4 reset Weekly Acitivity Point limit increase (instead of +800, this week +1300) Seal of Sun Weapon Release Enabled SOM > SUN weapon upgraders. (Small adjustments and AP requirement 2500>2000) You can transform your SUN weapon into any other (CH/EU) weapon. Added SUN weapon glow changers. Added SOM>SUN shield upgraders into Electus NPC. New Box, Sos Cracking, Drop & Rewards Boost You can now crack 1x SOS item and obtain ''Peculiar Box''. (SOS item plus, values does not matter) Peculiar Box will have 1/200 chance to get you Grand Electus item. 1x Peculiar Box drops from all uniques. (Except TG to Demon) SOS item cracker scrolls are obtainable from play2win npc with 5m gold cost. Styria Event will reward every participant with 4 to 6 copper coins. (W:6 | L:4) Battle Arena win will reward winners with 5 copper coins instead of 3 copper coins. Capture the Flag event will reward winners with 5 Silver Coin instead of 3. Achievement #4: Job Challenge Box will reward players with 4 Iron and 8 Copper coins instead of 2 Iron and 3 Copper Coins. Added 1% Grand Electus Item chance into Lamp Box. Added 1% Grand Electus Item chance into Crypto Box. Failing an Elite Box will now reward you with 1x Silver coin or 1x Copper Coin Others Silk per hour: Every player will receive 5 silk per hour. (NOTE: AFK time is not counted and PC limit = 1) Electus Underground unique HP is nerfed by 60%. Achievement #10: Daily Survival Kill requirement is nerfed (15>10) Specialty Trade time at night is changed to 04:45 per #suggestion channel request. Removed level requirements to teleport Alexandria per #suggestion channel request. XP rate is boosted by 3x. Logging off during job mode as trader will drop your loots on the floor. Enough cheating with force-dc. Disabled trash item drops in all uniques. You can send links to other players in chat. Links are clickable. Reduced alchemy fuse time from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. Confirmation window: You'll be asked to confirm when you try to fuse an item to +6 when item has no immortal on it. Activated alchemy +9 success notice for rare items. Disabled invisible with flag in CTF. Upcoming Legendary Sun Update Very-well aware that players are currently in a state of upgrading moon items to sun items with upgraders that requires AP and coins. Players will be given 14 days to collect requirements to upgrade SOM items to SUN completely. In 14 days from now on, we will add SUN > Legendary Sun upgrader scrolls. The order for release is going to be: Weapon, Accessories, Gear and shield. Further information will be provided on Discord #announcements section. Upgrading SUN to Legendary SUN adds up +2 value on every item and beyond that items that has reinforce/atk rate/crit gets boosted as well. It's a significant boost and the item becomes an ''end-game content'' which cannot be further upgraded. The requirements for LSUN upgraders will be much cheaper than SOM>SUN upgraders, especially for Activity Points. The team will enable letter quests, holy water temple and bunch of other events and activities in the future updates. If you read it all until here, you're a true silkroad player and you deserve a LOYALTY BADGE! Request your badge on Discord (DM Pr0x!) with ''L0yalty bro'' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fortress War Jangan Fortress War will take place next Sunday. 20:30 ~ 21:30 $100 to Winner Guild Master $25 to #1 Top Player Killer Solo Player 750 Silk Per Winner Guild Member PVP Tournament PVP Tournament will take place next Sunday. Click Here to register Rank #1: $50 + PVP Champion Title Rank #2: $25 Rank #3: 2000 Silk Weekly Cash Winners The winners will be announced once Yukie is available. Bro has serious real-life issues and hoping he'll handle and be back soon. Below you'll see winner names once he's back. Capture The Flag; Droplox: $30 Hello_World: $20 dja: $10 x_PlayToy_x: $5 Marvelous: $5 Battle Arena; Droplox: $30 Molly: $20 Hello_World: $10 dja: $5 Marvelous: $5 Guild AP Rank; Action_: $50 TheFallen: $40 21JumpStreet: $30 Unique Rank; Kaja: $30 casablanka: $20 dja: $10 Blizzy: $5 Hello_World: $5 Survival Kills Rank; xRevenge: $30 Droplox: $20 Marvelous: $10 AvaDeeM: $5 Hello_World: $5 Most Jobbing Activity TBA Most Jobbing activity this week is cancelled for this week and the next weeks because of cheaters. These manipulators will get punished after server update. Traders/hunters rank is announced yet this is its last week for jobbing cash reward activity Contact GM Yukie on discord to claim your reward. Visit $18.000 USD PRIZE POOL to read more about the events. We are also extending the weekly rewards for another week. The rewards will be for TOP-2 per CTF/BA/Unique Rank/Guild AP and Survival Arena Kills. Congratulation to xRevenge for Rank #1 in Survival kills and he received the title Congratulation to Kaja for Rank #1 in Unique Kills and he received the title Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. Location => Donwhang South! Phase 1 Unique Event at DW South (21:30) Phase 2 Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) Phase 3 Search N Destroy Event (22:00) Phase 4 Hide N Seek Event (22:05) Phase 5 Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:20) Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:20) Phase 6 PvP Tournament (22:45, after roc) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Note: Bicheon STR/Hybrid is banned from the tournament
  2. Nostalgia Bakım Notları 16.11.2023

    Tarih: 16.11.2023 Saat: 18:00 Bekleme Süresi: 40 ~ 90 dakika arası (bilgilendirme için discordu takip edin) Genel Honor Resetlendi Ranking ve Achievement #4 Resetlendi Haftalık AP Limiti arttırıldı MOON Itemler aktif edildi. Talisman (FGW) görevi aktif edildi. Alex Moblarından Crypto Box düşme ihtimali %30 arttırıldı. Premium dmg absorption 13% > 15% Yeşil Stone drop rate %50 arttırıldı. Box Editleri; Crypto Box; 98% SoS Item 2% Seal of Moon Equipment/Accessory Dungeon Gift Box; Seal Of Star Weapon 10% Seal of Star Shield 10% Seal of Star Equipment 55% Seal of Star Accessory 20% Seal of Moon Equipment 3% Seal of Moon Accesorry 2% Diamond Box; Seal of Star Weapon 15% Seal of Star Shield 7% Seal of Star Equipment 50% Seal of Star Accessory 20% Seal Of Moon Equipment 5% Seal of Moon Accessory 2% Seal of Moon Shield 1% Survival Challenge Box; Seal of Star Item 10% 3% Alchemy Boost 3% 5% Alchemy Boost 1% ADV A Sox Protector 5% Adv A Sox Accessory 3% Adv A Sox Shield 2% Adv A Sox Weapon 1% 5x Lamp 20% 5x Plat Box 20% 1x 10m SP Scroll 15% 5x Luck Stone 8% 5x Steady Stone 5% Seal of Moon Shield 2% Seal of Moon Equipment 3% Seal of Moon Accesory 2% Job Challenge Box; 3x AP Scroll 13% >> 10% 15M SP Scroll 12% >> 10% Seal of Moon Equipment 3% > 6% Seal of Moon Accessory 2% Elite Box; Seal of Moon Weapon: 1% Seal of Moon Shield: 6% Seal of Moon Equipment: 68% Seal of Moon Accessory: 25% Elite Box Drops; Selket, Neith, Anubis, Isis: 1x Haroeris: 1x Haroeris DW Event: 1x Santa, Baal, Simulation, Electus Goddess: 1x Fat Stone Boi, Dark Soul 1x Karkadann + Khulood 35% Roc and Roc STR: 3x Medusa + Medusa STR: 2x Server Dungeon Final Boss STR: 2x Server DUngeon Final Boss INT: 2x Styria Sereness HP'si 4x arttırıldı. Styriada alınan her kill için 1 Honor Puanı eklendi. (Honorlar Survival Honor listesine eklenecek) Styria Phase #2 moblarır 1x 20 silk drop to 2x 20 silk atacak Styria Eventinde zaten var olan ödüllere yeni ödüller eklendit; Kazanan Takım Üyelerine: Ek olarak 3x Silver + 2x Copper Kaybeden Takım Üyelerine: Ek olarak 2x silver + 1x copper Beraberlik: Ek olarakl 2x silver + 2x copper Survival Solo Ödülleri arttırıldı; #1: 1x Dungeon Gift Box, 1x plat Box, 1x Crypto Box #2: 2x Plat Box, 2x Crypto Box #3: 1x Plat Box, 1x Crypto Box #4: 1x Plat Box, 1x Magic Pop #5: 1x Magic Pop Her kill = 1x copper, 1x silver, 1x Iron Coin, 1x Arena Coin (her Survival için kazanbileceğiniz max ödüller :3x silver/copper, 2x iron, 10x Arena Coin. Survival Team için de geçerlidir.) Item Mall'a Seal of Moon Weapon changer eklendi. Item Mall'a Seal of Moon Weapon glow eklendi. Quest Editleri; Job Cave Quest #1 25% EXP + 1x copper + 1x silver coin + 2m sp + 3x Challenge Stones Job Cave Quest #2 25% Exp + 1x iron coin + 2m sp + 3x Challenge Stones Daily Lamp Quest: Additional 2m sp + 3x Challenge Stones 1* FGW Quest: Additional; 1x copper, 1x silver, 2* FGW Quest: Additional 2x copper, 1x silver 3* FGW Quest: Additional 2x copper, 2x silver Coin Server Dungeon Phase #1 Quest: Additional 1x crypto box. Electus Shop'a ADV Remover eklendi fiyatı : 200 M İndirim: Holy Wings 899 Silk'ten 599 Silk'e düşürüldü. Character Name Color 998 Silk'ten 748 Silk'e düşürüldü. BA/CTF Arena Coin Ödülleri değişti; Random+Party Win: 10 > 25 Random+Party Lose: 5 > 15 Random+Party Eşitlik: 7 > 20 Job Win: 15 > 30 Job Lose: 7 > 15 Job Eşitlik: 10 > 20 CTF Win: 10 > 25 CTF Lose: 5 > 15 CTF Draw: 7 > 20 Kale Savaşı Hotan Kale Savaşı Pazar. 20:30 ~ 21:30 saatlerinde olacaktır. (Sunucu saati) $125 Kazanan Guilde $50 #1 En Çok Kill Alan Guilde $25 #1 En Çok Kill Alan Solo Oyuncuya 750 Silk Kazanan Guild Üyelerine PVP Turnuvası PVP Turnuvası Pazar günü gerçekleştirilecektir. Kayıt Olmak İçin Tıklayınız Rank #1: $60 + PVP Champion Title Rank #2: $40 Rank #3: $25 Haftalık Nakit Kazananlar Weekly Cash Winners Capture The Flag; Droplox: $30 SC0RPION: $20 dja: $10 Hello_World: $5 Kaja: $5 Battle Arena; Hello_World: $30 Droplox: $20 SC0RPION: $10 dja: $5 AvaDeeM: $5 Guild AP Rank; EvilGeniuses: $50 DRIMO: $40 Action_: $30 21JumpStreet: $20 TheFallen: $10 Unique Rank; Kaja: $30 casablanka: $20 dja: $10 Marvelous: $5 VanTaG: $5 Survival Kills Rank; Zeenyr: $30 Droplox: $20 SC0RPION: $10 dja: $5 AvaDeeM: $5 Job Kills Rank Droplox: $30 SC0RPION: $20 AvaDeeM: $10 Hello_World: $5 dja: $5 Most Jobbing Activity Dod: $30 Hyakutake: $30 SC0RPION: $30 Ödülünüzü almak için GM Yukie 'ye Discord üzerinden irtibata geçiniz. Etkinlikler hakkında daha çok bilgi edinmek için linke tıklayınız --> 500.000 TL Ödül Havuzu Tebrikler xxxx Rank #1 in Job Kill 'e sahipsin ve title kazandın. Tebrikler xxxx Rank #1 Survival kill'e sahipsin ve title kazandın. Tebrikler xxxx Rank #1 Unique Kill'e sahipsin ve title kazandın. Pazar günleri saat 21:30'da Sunday-Funday etkinliklerimize katılın. Etkinlik Yeri => Donwhang South! Aşama 1: DW South Unique Event (21:30) Aşama 2: Unique Event Tüm Map (21:50) Aşama 3: Search N Destroy Etkinliği (22:00) Aşama 4: Hide N Seek Etkinliği (22:05) Aşama 5: Donwhang South Roc (22:20) Roc[STR] Donwhang West'de aynı zamanda atılacaktır (22:20) Aşama 6: PvP Turnuvası (Sunucu saati ile 22:45, Roc 'tan sonra) KAYIT OLMAK İÇİN TIKLAYINIZ Not: Bicheon STR/Hybrid Buildleri turnuvada yasaktır.