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Found 1 result

  1. i understand electus i trying to do a play 2 win. you guys might not care. but i have played 3 seasons straight and quit right when "moon weapons come out". and realize i have weeks/months of farming still. so if there is a way for you guys to accommodate people that work alot. that would be nice. i will be keeping up with new launches but i always get my hopes up it will accommodate ppl that work alot and they dont. then realize im so far behind so many ppl i dont want to play anymore. i love this game and wish yalls platform a little different to do this. idk if its possible but try and make a launch where i dont have to completely be on 8 hours a day to make a difference. cuz its not possible. most ppl that play this game played it when it came out and which are 25+ years old and all have jobs of the majority. i just cant see myself constantly playing catch up when i get possibly 2-3 hours a day to play the game only to be completely destroyed by ppl that play 24/7. i truly love yalls set up and everything but i feel like it doesnt work for most. i will do everything i can at launch to keep up and then everything goes to shit. i would say extend EP limits.. or specific x2 ep for players for certain amount of time or something. becuase there is no catchup really in the eyes of ppl only getting like 3 hours a day to play. it would be really cool on yalls next launch to change some stuff up to keep these ppl on. this is why in 3-4 months. the server goes from max capacity to 2-3k logged in all day. dont forget the 2IP rule im sure half of those people is the same person. just wish you guys would give a way for the working/paying community to actually keep up with these ppl that play all day everyday. give secret ep buffs after 24hours of being logged off or something? idk how your system works. But i will not be playing another season or donating nything else until i see a change. its a waste of time and money for something i will never get satisfaction from because i have to make a living. The last thing ill say is its impossible for the working/paying/donating community to play when they are always behind. Thank you