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Found 2 results

  1. Date: 25.05.2023 Time: 18:00 Downtime: 15-60 minutes General 14 days maximum leveling days is over. XP Reward Improvements; XP Event will continue for a longer time period. Increased [daily] Hunt Dead Warrior Quest EXP Reward from 20% to 60% Increased Server Dungeon XP Quest Reward from 25% to 75% Increased [daily] Godsend Dungeon XP Reward increased from 20% to 40% XP Rewards removed from most Achievements and replaced with better rewards; Boosted Achievement #1 Reward: 1x Survival Challenge Box | 5x STR Stone | 5x INT Stone Boosted Achievement #2 and 3# Reward: 3x Luck Stone | 3x Stamina Stone | 3x Magic Stone Boosted Achievement #9 Reward: 7.5M Skill Point | 2x STR Stone | 2x INT Stone Boosted Achievement #10 Reward: 7.5M Skill Point | 2x STR Stones | 2x INT Stones Note : Increased required kills from 25 to 30 Dungeons Buffed all dungeon (FGW 1,2,3* + Godsend + Server Dungeon) monsters and uniques Damage. You need a cleric and a warrior to enter all dungeons now. Dungeons were specifically nerfed in the first 2 weeks to allow people complete them with 7dg/npc items. It's time to start the challenge and make clerics and warriors useful again. Increased STR & INT Stones from Server Dungeon #1 from 3x to 5x Added 6x Dungeon Box to Server Dungeon last 2 uniques Changed Godsend Dungeon Quest reward from ''Dungeon Giftbox'' to ''Diamond Box'' (2X SOS Rate) Boxes & Uniques Lamp: Diamond Box: 10% / Arena Coin: 90% Increased Diamond Box Drop from Demon Shaitan INT/STR from 15% to 100% Increased Diamond Box Drop from Lord Yarkan INT/STR from 15% to 75% Increased Diamond Box Drop from Isyutaru INT/STR from 6% to 45% Added Premium Remover Scroll to electus shop. (When your first premium is done, you need it to remove the leftover ticket). 20% Discount on Pet Level Scroll. (Because there is no XP scroll for pets, they were left behind). Moved Medusa from 19:40 to 21:30 Modifications to job rates & rewards Thief 4 AP 24M (Nerfed EP only. We're also going easier with the joining thief union starting tonight after caravan starts running. Joining thief union shouldnt be as much struggle as before). Hunter 7 AP 63M (No changes) Trader 6.25 AP 55M (20% more AP, 10% more gold per trade. This way you need make 2 less trade daily to get same AP and will get 10% more gold also). Reduced Transport Pet HP to the following; Indian Camel: 170k Silverback: 180k Behemoth 205k Reduced Achievement #4 AP Required from 600 to 500 Added New Icons to Stylish NPC Skill / Build Balance Edits Our goal regarding skill balance and build distribution in all servers we released were to allow all players to enjoy various builds, create diversity at it's max possibility and make all builds playable, fun and competitive. Electus skill balance is proven to be the best in 90,100 and 110 CAP's. RedSea is the very first 80 CAP server we released so we are keeping an eye on each build/skill balance to make them all competitive and fair at the same time. This week, we are applying below changes to further improve the balance. We will further monitor and take action in the following weeks if necessary. Lowered Premium Damage Absorption from 15% to 10% Warrior passive damage increase skill boosted from 79% to 89% Top Job Kills-Unique-Survival Congratulation to Rank #1 Job Kills Aphrodite and he won Job Kills #1 Title and Job Kills #1 Role on Discord Congratulation to Rank #1 Unique Kaja and he won Unique #1 Title and Unique #1 Role on Discord Congratulation to Rank #1 Survival Nairobi and he won Survival Killer #1 Title and Survival Killer #1 Role on Discord Contact GM Yukie on discord to claim your reward. Unlike last season, we are not going to reset these ranks weekly. We'll reset them every 3 months. At the end of 3 months period, #1 ranks (all 3) will get Electus T-Shirt. If the same person is #1 every week, he will not get additional titles and discord roles. Reminders Achievement #4 (Weekly jobbing challenge - 500 AP) gets reset every week at weekly maintenance, in order not to lose progress on it, complete the achievement and redeem the gift before Thursday 6 PM. (Reminder: You can complete this challenge and redeem Diamond Box more than once per week.) Special Trade Route poll was voted ''YES''. The new route will be applied next week, not this week. We require further tests and verifications before we can patch it. We will also specifically work on keeping Specialty trade along with the new trade route (not 100% sure yet). We'll update you soon. Medusa is re-scheduled. 19:40 to 21:30 from now on for more participation. CAP EXPANSION SNEAK PEEK We want to make sure that everyone understands the cap expansion mechanics in Electus, because it's very different compared to iSRO. In fact, only similarity is leveling up from previous to next cap. Everything else is DIFFERENT. Original Silkroad CAP EXPANSION --> All items goes to trash bin. You have to farm new items. You have to make alchemy again. Everything you farmed and worked for is gone for ever. Electus CAP EXPANSION --> All your items are upgraded ''Almost For Free''. --> Cost of all your 8DG items to be upgraded to 9DG: 1B Gold + 15 Coins Each Type. --> You do not lose your skins on your items. --> You do not lose your glow on your weapon. --> You do not lose your plus on your items. --> You do not lose your % stats on your items. --> You do not lose your sockets on your items. --> You do not lose your advanced weapons on your items. All equipments & accessories can be upgraded from 8 DG to 9 DG with 50M Gold + 1 Coin Each (1x Arena Coin, 1x Copper, 1x Silver, 1x Iron). You will need only 500M, 10 Arena Coin, 10 Copper Coin, 10 Silver Coin and 10 Iron coin to upgrade your entire set. Your weapons can also be upgraded from 8 DG to 9 DG. You will need 500M + 10 Arena Coin, 1x Copper, 1x Silver, 1x Iron Coins to buy upgrader scroll). Question: If you needed so small amount of coins for upgrading items, why do you have so many coins farmed? Answer: You need these coins to buy Seal of Sun Weapon, Equipment and Accessory from SUN npc in the future (After a few months). SUN items will be NON-TRADEABLE so everyone need to farm these coins now. Question: When will the cap expansion take place? Answer: 08.06.2023 It's essential to understand the fact, cap expansion in Electus is nothing more than a casual weekly server update, except we add leveling phase back for 1-3 days. Question: How long will it take to level up from 80 to 90? Answer: Depending on your grinding speed, it will take 1 to 3 days to be 90 level. We do not want to go on another long leveling phase because we are recently done with it. How about a poll? Yes, certainly a poll will be posted on Discord several days before the expansion update. Question: Can I use XP scrolls I farmed in 80 CAP when the cap is expanded to 90? Answer: No, you cannot. We will remove all XP scrolls from every account when we patch 90 cap expansion in order to avoid people leveling up from 80 to 90 with scrolls immediately. Question: What's the point of CAP expansion if i can upgrade my items easily? Answer: By expanding the cap from 80 to 90, we unlock new events, new achievements, new quest rewards and therefore unlock ''new'' stuff. Question: How will I collect 9 DG Seal of Moon items? Answer: 9 DG moon equipments and accessories will start to drop from 80 lv. monsters in 80 CAP starting on 25.05.2023 server update. The drop rate will be very low. After 90 cap expansion update, moon equipments and accessories will no longer drop from monsters but will be obtainable from quests and achievements (just like SOS). 9 DG moon weapons can be obtained in 2 ways. Most common and play2win way is to farm 3000 Activity Points. Second way is, if you are late to join RedSea or dont have as much time to farm 3000 AP, you can get Som Weapon from FGW Talisman Card Collection (Tradeable SOM Weapon). Question: When can I use 9 DG SOM items? Answer: You must be level 90 to use 9 DG SOM items. It's important to note 80 to 90 lv. will take only 1-2 days. Question: What's next? When are SUN items coming out? Answer: It's still too early to talk about SUN items. Our #1 hope is to extend the lifespan of the server and keep you guys playing in the long run, therefore SUN items will not be in question in the near future. We are going to discuss, make polls and decide with the community. Donation Event We applied 50% bonus silk on every donation in Redsea server. It's still active (until it's not). Take advantage of it Sunday Funday Events Fortress War Reward: 500 silks x 32 (1 Union | 2 Guilds) PvP Tournament: (Round 1 Rewards - Next week there will be $ (USD, CASH) Rewards TBA) #1 Place --> 4000 Silk, Redsea PVP Champion, Exclusive Char Visual, Colorful & Permanent Discord Role, Redsea PVP Champion T-Shirt #2 Place --> 3000 Silk, Exclusive Char Visual, Colorful & Permanent Discord Role #3 Place --> 2000 Silk, Exclusive Char Visual, Colorful & Permanent Discord Role Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 21:30. Location => Donwhang South! Phase 1 Unique Event at DW South (21:30) Phase 2 Unique Event at Whole Map (21:50) Phase 3 Search N Destroy Event (22:00) Phase 4 Hide N Seek Event (22:05) Phase 5 Roc Spawn at Donwhang South (22:20) Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West (22:20) Phase 6 PvP Tournament (22:45, after roc) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Note: Bicheon STR/Hybrid is banned from the tournament
  2. Ramazan Etkinlik Sunucusu

    Ramazan Etkinlik Sunucusu Bilgilendirme Açıklama: 1. Ramazan Etkinlik Sunucusu, Electus'un yakında çıkacak olan 80 CAP Sunucusu RedSea'nın Kapalı Beta sürümüdür. Bir beta sunucuda beklenmeyen kesintiler, yeniden başlamalar olabilir ve rekabeti kesinlikle kesintiye uğratır. Sunucuya ve yarışmaya yalnızca şartları kabul ederseniz katılın. 2. Ramazan Etkinlik Sunucusu geçici, 30 günlük bir sunucudur ve RedSea Açık Beta dönemi başlamadan önce tüm veriler silinecektir. Sunucuya ve yarışmaya yalnızca şartları kabul ederseniz katılın. 3. Sunucuda buglar olabilir. Lütfen herhangi bir hatayı bildirin ve bu sayede ödüllendirilebilirsiniz. Hataları bildirmek yerine kullanmak sizi yarışmalardan diskalifiye edecek ve Electus Network'ten, yani resmi RedSea sunucusundan ve diğer tüm gelecekteki sunuculardan kalıcı olarak yasaklanabilirsiniz. 4. Nakit ödüllü Ramazan Etkinlik Sunucusu ve Yarışmaları, Electus Ekibinden topluluğumuza bir hediyedir. Donate kabul etmiyoruz. Donate yapmak isterseniz, süresi dolmadan Başlangıç Paketi ve %50 Bonus Silk (ÖN SATIŞ) avantajlarından yararlanabilirsiniz. 5. Electus Ekibi, etkinlikleri ve sunucuyu herhangi bir zamanda herhangi bir duyuru/sebep göstermeksizin değiştirme, iptal etme hakkına sahiptir. Sunucuya ve yarışmaya yalnızca kabul ederseniz katılın. Server Bilgisi Server Başlangıç: 24.03.2023,Cuma, TSI 22:00'da. Evenler & Yarışmalar Başlangıç:26.03.2023, Pazar, TSI 22:00 (7 gün x 4 kez) Aşağıdaki programa göz atabilir ve bu etkinliklerden puan toplayabilirsiniz. Bu etkinliklerden elde edilen puanlar her pazar saat 21.00'de sıfırlanacaktır. En yüksek puanı alan kazananlar 25 $ x 5 etkinlik = haftada 125 $ ve Ramazan Dönemi (30 gün) için 500 $ ödül havuzu alacaklar. Siteden sıralamaya bakabilirsin PVP Turnuvası için ay boyunca 2 turnuvaya ev sahipliği yapacağız, 1. olan 50$ NAKİT alacak İlk Turnuva 01.04.2023 tarihinde yapılacaktır. 2. Turnuva 15.04.2023 tarihinde yapılacaktır. BURADAN kayıt olabilirsiniz HERE Survival Arena Kazanan kişi aldığı kille göre seçilecek, web sitesinden sıralamaya bakılabilir (hile yaptığı tespit edilirse yarışmadan kalıcı olarak diskalifiye edilir) Capture The Flag Kazanan kişi, kazandığı tur miktarına göre seçilecektir, 2 veya daha fazla oyuncu eşitse, en çok kill alan kişi seçilir, sıralama web sitesinden kontrol edileebilir (hile yaparken yakalanırsa, yarışmadan kalıcı olarak diskalifiye edilir) Battle Arena Kazanan kişi, kazandığı tur miktarına göre seçilecektir, 2 veya daha fazla oyuncu eşitse, en çok kill alan kişi seçilir, sıralama web sitesinden kontrol edilebilir (hile yaparken yakalanırsa, yarışmadan kalıcı olarak diskalifiye edilir) Unique Hunting Kazanan, uniquelerden topladığı puan miktarına göre seçilecektir, sıralama web sitesinden kontrol edilebilir. 24 Mart Ramazan Sunucusunun çıkışı ile 26 Mart etkinliklerin başlangıcı arasındaki geçen süre bugları farkedip fixlemek içindir. Unutmayın, Ramazan Sunucusu = Yeni Sunucumuz 'RedSea' Kapalı Beta. Uniqueleri öldürdüyseniz, CTF/BA/Survival Puanları topladıysanız, etkinlik 26.03.2023 tarihinde başlayana kadar bunun hiçbir anlamı olmayacaktır. Tüm Ödüller, RedSea Büyük Açılışından 3 gün sonra verilecektir. Önemli Notlar: Ramazan Sunucusu boyunca Honor Buff olmayacak Survival Arena, CTF, BA'dan kazanılan Ramadan Coinler ile Electus mağazasından ADV Elixirs and Sockets satın alabilirsiniz. Sabakun jewels Ramazan Sunucusu boyunca kullanılmayacak Bütün elixirler moblardan kaldırıldı, Sadece ADV Elixirler kullanılabilir 80 Level Free Silk / Gold olarak başlarsınız, kasılma yok Her Pazar tüm karakterler silinecek (insanlar her hafta yeni karakter yaratır, böylece yeni bir başlangıç yaparlar) Bir Eventten fazlasını kazanamazsınız. ( Survival / CTF / BA / Unique eventlerinde geçerli olacak ve ramazan eventinin 2. haftasından itibaren başlayacak.) Eğer 1 hesaptan fazlasıyla oynanıyorsa ve farkı karakterlerden 1'den fazla event kazanmaya çalışılıyorsa, bunu yapan kişiler ramazan etkinliğinden diskalifiye olacaktır. Not: Eğer bir karakter birden fazla eventte Rank 1 ise sadece bir tane etkinliğin ödülünü alacaktır. Diğer ödüller Rank 2 ye verilecektik. Takvim 13:00 Survival Solo 14:00 Battle Arena Random 15:00 Battle Arena Party 16:00 CTF 17:00 Survival Solo 18:00 Battle Arena Random 19:00 Battle Arena Party 20:00 CTF 21:00 Survival Solo 22:00 Battle Arena Random 23:00 Battle Arena Party 00:00 CTF 01:00 Survival Solo 02:00 Battle Arena Random 03:00 Battle Arena Party 04:00 CTF 05:00 Survival Solo 06:00 Battle Arena Random 07:00 Battle Arena Party 08:00 CTF 09:00 CTF 10:00 Survival Solo 11:00 Battle Arena Random 12:00 Battle Arena Party NOT : Saatler Türkiye Saatine göre yazılmıştır.