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Electus Jobbing (New System)

It was about time AFK Sit-On-Camel system to be changed.
The red bird took action on this matter and created a new & hella fun job system for REBORN server.

1- Scheduled & automated caravan will start from Donwhang South Gate heading to Hotan every hour at XX:20 heading to Hotan. 1 run should take around 10 minutes. Once the first round is completed in Hotan, the second round will start at Donwhang South Gate again within [3] minutes.
2- You can choose to protect the caravan or to attack and steal from caravan. (Caravan = NPC)
3- You can only be HUNTER or THIEF. There is 
no trader job. Behemoth is un-killable.


  •  Hunters must protect the caravan and they will get more AP & Gold reward based on Behemoth's HP when Behemoth arrives at target town. Behemoth heals itself 5% every time 10% HP is taken by thieves.

Hunter Rewards;
14 Activity Points, 14 Honor Points, & 65m Gold

- Completing 6 successful trade-runs as hunter will unlock daily job achievement and total gold profit will be 210m.
- Completing 8 successful trade-runs as hunter is gonna be max gold profit daily = 280m. (Reset every day 18:00).


  • To drop loots from Behemoth, Thieves must take 10% HP from Behemoth. Every time Behemoth loses 10% HP, loots will drop on the floor.
  • In order not to give thieves free lot for the same round, dropped loots stay on the ground only for 5 minutes and then disappear.

Thief Rewards;
11 Activity Points, 11 Honor Points, & 50m Gold
- Stealing 6x 5* loot will unlock daily achievement and total gold profit will be 240m. 
- Stealing 8x 5* loot will be the max daily gold profit of 360m. (Reset every day 18:00).


  • There is minimum time requirement for hunters to stay in Caravan Range (100 Meters). When hunter leave Caravan Range, they have 30 seconds to come back into the range. It's important to understand that leaving the Caravan Range as hunter is okay and they won't lose rewards if they spend at least 60% of caravan time in the range. 

Case 1: Hunter is in range > leaves the range > comes back in less than 30 seconds, it counts as he ''never left'' and his time is 10 minutes. (6 minutes is same as 10 minutes).
Case 2: Hunter is in range > leaves the range for 2 minutes > comes back > leaves the range for 2 minutes > comes back > his total active time is 6 minutes and gets full reward same as 10 minutes.
If they were away for more than 4 minutes, hunters get no rewards at all.

  • Hunters will have a UI (Window) where they can see how much time they spent in the range.
  • There is no penalty for leaving job. You can switch any time.

Most importantly, without any doubt The New Electus Job System is gonna be a lot more fun with a lot more action. Yet, this is the first time such job system is created in pSRO scene and there will certainly be necessity for improvements as we see how it goes in practise. Electus team will monitor the event closely and take action to improve it where it fits.

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