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Downtime: 04:55 ~ 05:03

  •  Server was restarted at 04:55 AM. (Hate overnight restarts, but it's a mandatory to apply these fixes asap).
     There was no client update, the bots should auto-relog.


    We applied fixes for:
    Behemoth stuck (not rewarding hunters after round 1 end - stucks.)

    Using the restart opportunity, we applied following job-balance edits.

    Job Balance Edits v2.0 |  Hunter Benefits
    1. Protection Time system logic is changed. The center point of range radius is changed to Behemoth's previous step. This should force hunters to stay behind the caravan instead of running away from it.
    2. Protection pause wait time is lowered from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. If hunter is more than 35 meters away for more than 20 seconds their protection time will not count - until they are back in the range.
    3. Thief jobkill honor reward is increased from 1 to 2. (Now both hunter and thief get 2X honor points from jobkills).

    Job Balance Edits v2.0 |  Thief Benefits:
    1. Lootdrop from Behemoth is doubled (Every 1M dmg = 4 thieves can get full 5*, it was 2 thief loots only).
    2. 5* loot will reward thief with 8 AP and 50m Gold (Previous was 7 AP and 40m gold)
    3. Daily Gold Cap is increased from 320m to 400m for thieves. (Formerly,there were +40m difference from hunters, due to transpet cost which made it similar profit compared to hunters. Now thieves get approximately 10m extra profit per 5* and 80m more profit daily)

     We will monitor New Job System with above changes and if necessary, we will do following changes;
    . Add back 60% vs 40% job balance ratio (doesn't require restart).
    . Return to Behemoth feature in (A)ction window. (Requires update if we decide to add it).


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