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Downtime Starts: 20:05
Downtime Duration: 15-30 minutes

Our updates are usually weekly, on Thursdays 6 pm. Because the first week in Reborn server is dedicated for new-job-system balancing, we require an update to further balance it and apply fixes to discovered bugs here and there. After the first weekly update on March 28th, we will avoid making updates other than weekly updates.


  • Boosted Green Stone and NPC item drop rate @ monsters. Boosted STR-INT-Magic-Stamina stone rewards from daily achievements by 2 to 3X. Pink stones no change.
  • 50% discount on HP and MP in all NPC's.
  • Removed INSTANT honor update and made it based on RELOG. If you have honor buffs, please login and RELOG after the update to get them. 
  • Premium: 10% DMG absorption >> 15% DMG absorption (Temporay until 2nd week end).
  • Styria Event is activated (Every day 9 PM)
    When event registration is open, press F5 button to register.
    To be eligible for rewards, you need at least 1 kill.
    Every box in Styria drops 8x 20 silk scrolls.
  • Increased Defend the Tower event (Tower HPs) accordingly to wild participation number by the playerbase :x
  • Multiple bug fixes applied here and there.
  • Grey Dragon Soul Armor avatar had a wrong price ''88'' instead of ''298''. Price is fixed. Any character that owns that item is refunded 88 silks and the avatar is deleted from them.



  • Styria (with silk drops) and Defend Tower Event (Everyone gets silk reward) starts tonight.
    Styria: 21.00
    Defend the Tower: 21:20


Reading patch notes gives you an edge and certainly helps you improve your character faster. 
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