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Electus Online


04.04.2024 | 18:00 ~ 19:30 (-/+45 minutes)

In today's update, we are celebrating reaching 10.000/10.000 online player milestone and adding a complimentary giftbox to all main accounts.
You will find an
''Admin's GiftBox'' added to your live chest after the update.
:x  image.png :x

24 hours event schedule is completely re-worked. Download the file on your computer.



          Skill Balance

  • Removed ''Fear'' debuff from ''Bow'' [Black Arrow - Godsend]
  • Reduced ''Fire''-Nuke's simultaneous attack from 5 > 4
  • Increased ''Lightning'' Mastery, DMG. increase buff 14% > 16% [Force Piercing Force]
  • Re-worked all nuke balance % from  285 to 295 (Original isro is 300%, so still slightly nerfed)
  • Increased ''Bicheon'' Phy. Dmg. Pwr. buff from 10% to 12% [Celestial Ground Bicheon Force]
  • Increased ''Heuksal'' Flying-Dragon Godsend skill's balance 260% > 270%
  • Added new teleport skill to ''Force'' mastery. Reason: Variety. (Godsend Skill)
    Level 1: Moving Distance 19m
    Level 2: Moving Distance 20m
    Level 3: Moving Distance 21m
  • Added new speed skill to ''Bicheon'' mastery: Reason: Variety. (Godsend Skill0
    Level 1: Moving Speed 200% increase, continuous hours 7 seconds, cooldown 5 minutes
    Level 2: Moving Speed 220% increase, continuous hours 9 seconds, cooldown 5 minutes
    Level 3: Moving Speed 240% increase, continuous hours 11 seconds, cooldown 5 minutes
  • Reduced Premium damage absorption % from 15 to 13. 

    Electus | New Job System | Version 4
  • Hunters will receive [5m] gold for per kill in job mode, in Behemoth range. Max kill 4, max profit 20m per run.
  • Hunters caravan protection profit is reduced from [65m] to [55m].
    Hunters can farm 75m max per run instead of 65m after above changes.

    Gold limit is unchanged. Perkill gold rewards are not included in gold limit. So hunters will earn more gold after this change.
  • Both Thief and Hunter will earn double honor points for ''JobKill'' in Behemoth range.
  • Thief cannot pick loots if he is sitting on transpet. (Anti snipe-loot)
  • Thief cannot use ''Return to Behemoth'' feature if he is in Thief Town and Transpet is enabled. (This wasn't intended, we're fixing this now so they cannot sell loots 3-4 times per run with no effort). Thieves already earn more gold by selling multiple times per run. Their transpet cost is already included in the profit they make.
  • Applied 25% discount on all transpets.
  • Added a second stop at the end of Dead Ravine (Wait time: 30 seconds).
  • UI statistics will reset if player changes job during caravan run.
  • Taking off hunter suit will result in ''no rewards''. By the time hunters are rewarded, all hunters must have job suit on.


  • Silk rewards are increased for all uniques.
    Selket Neith 500>600
    Isis Anubis 600>800
    Haroeris 800>1000
    Homo santa 400>600
    Baal 400>600
    Simu 400>600
    Electus Goddess  400>600
    Sereness Styria 400>600
    Medusa 800>1200
    Roc 1000>1200
  • Added Diamond Boxes & Talismans to Competitive Uniques (Additional Rewards)
    Roc 6x Diamond Box + 2x Talisman 
    Medusa 4x Diamond Box + 2x Talisman 
    Simu 2x Diamond Box + 50% Talisman Chance
    Baal 2x Diamond Box + 50% Talisman Chance
    Santa 2x Diamond Box + 50% Talisman Chance
    Electus Goddess 2x Diamond Box + 50% Talisman Chance
    Fat Stone boi 1x Diamond Box + 50% Talisman Chance
    Dark Soul 1x Diamond Box
    Karkadann 1x Diamond Box
    Khulood 1x Diamond Box
    Selket Neith 3x Diamond Box + 50% Talisman Chance
    Isis Anubis 4x Diamond Box + 50% Talisman Chance
    Haroeris 3x Diamond Box + 1x Talisman 
    Electus Defender 4x Diamond Box + 3x Talisman
    Electus Guardian 4x Diamond Box + 3x Talisman

  • Increased drops for DW South - Job War Event (Haroeris Unique):
    1x Diamond Box
    3x Dungeon Box
    4x Platinum Box
    400 silk

  • Added Dungeon Box to the following;
    Tiger Girl: 10%
    Cerberus: 10%
    Uruchi: 20%
    Isyutaru: 25%
    Lord Yarkan: 35%
    Demon Shaitan: 40%

  • All uniques re-spawn time is reduced.
    Karkadann, Khulood: 240minutes ~ 300 minutes
    Simulation, Santa, Electus Goddess, Baal[STR]: 300 minutes ~ 360 minutes
    TG, Cerberus, Ivy, Uruchi, Uruchi STR, Isyutaru, Isyutaru STR re-spawntime range: 45 minutes ~ 60 minutes.

  • Weekly Honor Reset + AP Limit Increase (+800 AP)
  • Doubled Silk Rewards from [Gold Lottery] event. Reduced ticket prices by 50% to increase participation.
  • Added [Team Survival] into schedule. All participants will win free silk. (Minimum 2 kills required). Every friday 7pm.
    1st team: 75 silks
    2nd team: 50 silks
    3rd team: 40 silks
    4th team: 30 silks

  • Re-Worked prices in Play2Win NPC according to gold to silk value. (Even cheaper now)
  • SOM Release Clarification: SOM Weapons cannot be obtained even if players collect all requirements (AP+Coins). MOON will not be unlocked soon. We estimate SOM release will be at the END OF APRIL or EARLY MAY.
  • Added Talisman Box to Godsend Dungeon Quest. You can obtain [1] Talisman Box (15% success rate) every day.
  • Increased elixir rewards from Server Dungeon quest. You will get 20X elixir each type instead of 10X now. (Per Server Dungeon Run).
  • Nerfed DMG Absorption Scrolls from 10% to 8%
  • Nerfed DMG Increase Scrolls from 10% to 8%.
  • Slightly reduced Armor success in SOS BOXES, slightly increased Protector and Garment success in SOX BOXES.
  • Reduced Devil-Angel spirit cooldown from [30] minutes to [25] minutes.
  • Nerfed Battle Arena monsters.
  • Reduced Magic Pop Card price from [135m] to [65m]
  • Increased Electus Unicorn (Vehicle) max stack from [1] to [50].
  • Because players enter CTF - BA with goldbot chars, we added item point requirement to register. 9dg set players cannot register BA-CTF.
  • Added Set Type Changer scroll to Item Mall. This scroll allows you to change ''blue perk'' of the item. (Garment Shaula <> Garment Vega etc.)
  • Added premium remover scroll to Electus Shop. You can use this scroll to remove ''ticket time'' when your premium expires.
  • Removed Bind, Stun and Fear debuff from Medusa.
  • Increased most unique HP's to adapt current state of player damage/participation.
  • Fixed a bug with +11 glow, changed +11 glow
  • Increased daily gold limit for both job unions by +15%. This way ''really active'' players can farm more gold, therefore obtain more silk by ''jobbing''.
  • Increased Red-Bird (100 lv. monster) spawnratio by 25%.
  • As first [2] weeks of server phase complete, we boosted HP's and damages of monsters and uniques in Godsend Dungeon, Server Dungeon and botting areas by 25%. (Anti 9dg bot)
  • Reduced tower HP's by 35%. [Defend Tower Event]
  • Added confirmation window for Alchemy Scrolls. (Some players mistakenly use them)
  • Added 1 day and 1 week speed scroll versions in Grocery Shops.
  • Removed debuffs from all job cave monsters
  • Reduced Styria Event [Sereness] unique petrify duration from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Reduced guild penalty from [3] days to [1] day.
  • Removed Sunday prime time events from the schedule due to server dungeon & fortress war & sunday-funday events (Styria, Caravan, Job War)

         Achievements Update

  • Changed ''Weekly Job Challenge'' achievement reward from Diamond Box to Job Challenge Box reward.
    In this play to earn box, there is Advanced Elixir SOX A & B type elixirs obtainable with total of 2% chance.
    Note: This Achievement reset progress every thursday at 18:00 with weekly update
  • Battle Arena WIN achievement luck stone reward is increased from 1 > 2
  • Capture the Flag WIN achievement luck stone reward is increased from 1 > 2

          Bug Fixes

  • Fixed pet level up scroll in play2win NPC.
  • Fixed some npc ''hats'' not showing correct item points on the website.
  • Fixed mag. atk. pwr. issue sos weapons had
  • Changed Godsend Fire Nuke skill effect to original skill effect (purple)
  • Some socket stones had 11dg text on them (fixed)



Weekly Cash Events

Weekly Most Activity Point Farming Guild
#1: $50 - ImperiaL
#2: $40 - Se7enn
#3: $30 - Hackers
#4: $20 - 21JumpStreet
#5: $10 - SnakesOnFire

Weekly Most Battle Arena Winners
#1: $30 - x_MeGaTr0N_x
#2: $20 - Zeenyr
#3: $10 - PinkBerry
#4: $5 - Marvelous
#5: $5 - BlueBerry

Weekly Most Capture The Flag Winners
#1: $30 - x_MeGaTr0N_x
#2: $20 - Marvelous
#3: $10 - AvaDeeM
#4: $5 - BritishLord
#5: $5 - PinkBerry

Weekly Top Survival Killer
#1: $30 - Marvelous
#2: $20 - BlueBerry
#3: $10 - PinkBerry
#4: $5 - x_MeGaTr0N_x
#5: $5 - Zeenyr

Weekly Most Unique Killer
#1: $45 - Kaja
#2: $30 - Marvelous
#3: $15 - Cardio
#4: $5 - Syntronics
#5: $5 - PinkBerry

Weekly Most Jobbing Activity
#1: $50 - Zeenyr
#2: $40 - Hyakutake
#3: $30 - x_MeGaTr0N_x
#4: $20 - Archangel
#5: $10 - Marvelous

Weekly Fortress War Competition
Winner Guild's master: $125 - RattleSnakes
#1 Top Killer Guild's master: $50 - Hackers
#1 Top Player Killer Solo Player: $30 - Dominator

Weekly PVP Tournament
PVP Tournament will take place next Sunday. Click Here to register
Rank #1: $60 - Nilah
Rank #2: $40 - Marvelous
Rank #3: $25 - Zeenyr

Electus Cash Grand Opening Bonus Extended | Last Date April 18


Join us at Sunday-Funday Events on Sunday at 19:00. 

Location => Donwhang South!
Phase 1
Unique Event at DW South 
Phase 2
Unique Event at Whole Map 
Phase 3
Search N Destroy Event 
Phase 4 
Hide N Seek Event 
Phase 5
Roc Spawn at Donwhang South
Roc[STR] Spawn at Donwhang West
Phase 6



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