Open the Thief Uni


I just wonder if its right time to open thief union already? Look how big caravans got and thiefs has it only chance to kill traders at back. Hunters dont let thiefs get too close since couple days. Same situation in job cave. T/H Unions are huge compared to 1 thief party around temple. I think it's right time to open it. Not only me.

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Please Prox do something about it... at the moment there are more hunters then thieves ( at least active numbers). There has to be another way.

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Thanks for bringing this up.
As I mentioned multiple times in #main-lounge, #announcements and in the game, this is an automated process. Looking at the logs right now, I see that it was on for hours in the past 10 hours and many people already joined Thief union - and is full again. So, it's there, you just gotta get it :-)

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