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[GUIDE] PVP Challenge

Hello, this guide will explain how PVP Challenge works

You can challenge other players for silk by opening Electus Menu then click on PVP Challenge


By clicking on PVP Challenge it will open another window


You will need to write the Character Name of the player you want to challenge and the silk amount you wanna bet you can bet from 100 Silk to 10000 Silk, you must have the silk in your item mall not in your inventory once you click on PVP Challenge the other player will receive a window with the character name of the player he wants to challenge and the bet he added for the other player to accept he must have the silk in his item mall and not in his inventory otherwise it will not work once he accept, the silk will be removed from both players and they will get recalled to PVP Challenge arena, people can watch the pvp by porting to PVP Challenge area from donwhang portal



- The winner will get all the silk from the bet
- You may not start more than 2 matches per day
- Zerk, Scrolls and Devil Spirit may not be used in PvP Area
- The match has to end in 4 minutes latest, else, players will be refunded and teleported back to town
- If a player gets disconnected, he will lose the match

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