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[mbot] not back to town when weapon is broken!

Hello guys, i think i have an issue with mbot. Here's my config:image.png.9673b498bb2cdf32737c08ee76e0d271.png

After a night, my weapon is broken, also the items, but i dont know why bot not tele character back to town then repair it and go to train place. I tried to check some other option (All weapon durability low, Equipment item broken >1) but same result. Am i missed something? Any suggestion?


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@armano sorry for the late reply but I do not claim to be an mbot expert. Normally if my bot has issues with buying arrows/hp/mp pots I will figure how many I need to have for the day. This fills me inventory mostly but it means I wont return to town and get 'stuck'. Ill see if we have any mbot experts who can chime in their suggestions as well.

@datvt5 again sorry for the late reply. Did you get your issues worked out yet?

Just so both of you know if you were using the cracked sbot version out there I could more than definately help out and would be willing to anytime. Hmu on discord if you need assistance or ask in #main-lounge

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It might be a problem with the beginner return scrolls, the ones you get at the start of a character, try buying some from the grocery npc and see if it works.

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