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    I am a 2005 isro player never new how time passed by. Ok coming to the topic really quick below are the points..

   Bring out the contrast between isro ,Pservers and Electus in genera

   a) The first and foremost comparison would be team management be it ISRO or any other pservers and on the other hand Electus( Which is top notch)

   b) Show the players how effective and transparent Electus team is in the time of crises

   c) ISRO was only Pay to win whereas Electus was simply player oriented or play to win which is a big win win for everyone

   d) Show you can play Electus even without premium and other pay related objects to be one of the best player

    e) Show how you dont get bored grinding at the same spot forever or doing just 1 job like ISRO and other pservers (This is the major highlight) 

          One honest and personal feedback if prices of silk can be reduced a bit it will be a win win for all as few country currencies are higher..  

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make the video with a history of evolution. from level 1 to maximum level.
nostalgia is what all players feel in the first hours of the server.

all player's level 20 running around the world, hunting mobs, improving set (items).
if you could get to enter jangan cave you felt like a powerful player, with your set d8.. is what I remember from 15 years ago. (before the EU race)
the video should show that story, because it is exactly what we did before.

in fact it shouldn't be 1 video, it should be a series of videos that tell little stories of what we did before in isro.
They could start with finding a seal of star weapon and suddenly the character becomes powerful.
it really was like that at that time if you had the last weapon you were the john wick from iSRO

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Make it simple, show the before and after.
before - no gs,no fgw, no arena, no daily quests and etc
after - show all the amazing stuff you made, gs,fgw (titan and etc) 

it should be simple, 

show the trades without trace, electus points menu, all the things isro is lacking and in that way people will see that improvement in this specific pserver 

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Lets go by the most time consuming and most enjoyable activities back then

waht to talk about:

as those players dont know about private servers we dont have to talk about
    old alchemy system(they dont know anything else from back in to 2008)
    pservers dieing after a few weeks/months

- lvlup/spfarm/goldbots
lvlup/farming did probably take most of the "playtime/bottime" back then and wasnt that enjoyable
so just by removing that electus has an advantage over isro
and goldbots (which were annoying as fuck) dont gain that much, so they are kind of nonexistent

- jobbing
the core activity of sro and what its based on, so you should show them that it is one of the most important activities to reach top endgame equip

- events
pvp / fortress / battlearena / etc
all are pretty fun to play and give some variety and more to do than in normal sro

- gear
needs some explanation on how to obtain it to show that you have to play activly
show special glows and other stuff that makes electus special like wings
explain in short clips and texts how to obtain it and that its not possible to get it by botting -> we got  high player activity

how to show it:

- lvlup/spfarm
picture: some timelaps of lvl increases
text: "no more boring farm and watching your bot for days. The sro community started to open private servers witch amplified exp rates; so you got more time for other activities that give better rewards to gear up"

- jobbing
picutre: after that jump directly into jobbing and show (if its possible to use parts of other videos) some old sro clips of big trades/jobwars
text: "remember those big trades taht occured once or twice a year?"
picture: then show some of electus
text: "we got this everyday"

text: "feel the need to show your strength again? bring back those memories. we got special events for that"
picture: pvp event (the small arena with 2 players fighting and others watching from outside
text: "1vs1 turnaments"
picuter: battlearena
text: "or free for all"
picture: fortresswar scenes
text: "and never forget foretesswar to show which guild/union is the strongest"
picutre: 50+ players fighthing medusa
text: "uniques"
there is room for more if wanted
text: "more variety for oyu to get the strognest and most wanted gear"

again depending on how long the video should be

picutre: the special npc guys and weapons, show the ability to change the glows on weapons and characters
text: "you have to play active to gain the best weapons so we have a very high player activity on electus"

end would be:
picture: som/sun weapons on chars (D10) with normal sro glow
text: "play, gain be the strongest"


i forgot one of the most important things. show them that there is 24/7 real support with ticketsystem/discord - probably add it at the event section

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cant edit my post anymore so i will just write it here:

just add a text at the pvp section that says: "we editet some skills to accomplish beter balance between european and chinese characters"

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I played sro games from 2006 to 2015. 
The first thing that makes me go back to that game is a unique and novel game. Because the old play was too boring. Say it in your video 
The second thing is balancing people with a lot of time games and people who don' t have much time. So that people can have the same strength. Most players won' t have too much time to play games. 
The third thing is that the people' s battles are engaged like: fortress war, job war, pvp... is certainly the most desired thing to do games. 
The most important thing to me is to keep the value of precious objects like the SOX. This is very important because it makes players play a game longer 

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Hello guys, 

I'm an old isro player and I missed so much 80 & 90 CAP from isro. What was fun on iSRO ? The job and the Fortress War ! You've  to show in your video how the job is active and funny on Electus, old players only remember this.

Fortress War was soooooo funny also when JM implanted it on iSRO, and FW on Electus are really active too, you should include this too. 

You can show uniques kills and spawns too because old SRO players loved to wait hours for uniques and get the kill ! 

And I think you should not talk much about Battle Arena, Jobcave, Electus Point and all that newest things because those old players will be lost. Electus is like a new SRO, it takes time to understand how it works and old players just want to feel the old good vibes. And find back the fun they had on iSRO when it was not fked up by Gaymax :) 

Hope that will helps guys, GL ! 

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On 25/04/2020 at 11:02 PM, atomickiller said:

Good day all ,

first of all i think you should show the real challenge of electus compared with other private servers,, once i owned a pserver and what i wanted the most is to make it a popular server and have alot of online players , Pr0x u should be very proud and show how popular is your server now and how many real players are online. in the mean time i think u should push on the electus currencies like EP and it's unique usage at this game and how easly to farm it specially after last update , u should show special dungeons like GS and FGW and u should push a little on that , i think one of the most famous of isro was CTF  and the classical battle arena with all it's fun , show what u are already doing to make the game more popular as survival arena , u can make use of some snap shots from traders caravan and the fun of job fighting , most of the pservers are messing Fortress wars and all the fun in it , this server is doing well , and most of all there is alot of challenge lvling up to lvl 100 , i think u did well in the last update by adding 10DG auto set while lvling up , this made a new char has a better chance than alot of old players who still don't have sos set etc. , u have all what it takes for this server to beat the hell out of isro , this is game is here to stay and u are really doing well ,  the most important thing that every and each player seeks is the support and i mean the online team that respond to any question and any issue and really helping others 24/7 , u have a unique bot on discord u must show it in ur video also that already helped alot with the bot spam commands and made me personally know most things about game without speaking to any supporter or admin,,,i don't know whether isro have a battle royale server now or not but you guys MUST  show it with a simplified description on how it works , every RP now is running to BR games like PUBG and others for the fun , u made the same concept with great rewards and most fun and most of all , every body starts the game equal and its ur job to be better that other players ,  every thing here is really cool enough but u need to show the good sides of what is really happening inside here...the most amazing thing that i don't need to be a donator to be the best in the server however it's the least thing that could be done for your efforts specially after what happened in the last DDOS attack issue...also show that u are unlocking now the new moon items and what will make it challenging for every player to farm by the known means..don't forget to mention electus app and discord giveaways and the real challenge and fun there... i am very proud to be part of that game and this family u are great guys and u are doing very well ...GJ and keep going guys.


I think u can start creating a silk/hour system For new regestrations only not new characters

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