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[GUIDE] Obtaining Silk(s) in-game

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Many new players on Electus confuse silks (Electus Cash) with EP also known as Electus points, they are very different. To find out about EP click here.
Silks are obtained through various events in game and out of the game through discord contests and giveaways.The way you obtain silks through game play is participating in events like hide and seek, trivia, and unique(s) to name only a few.

There are many other ways to obtain silk(s) through in-game events. A full listing of the events then a brief explanation of each will help you decide which you wish to engage in.

  • Trivia: This event happens throughout the day multiple times, 24 times to be exact. This happens about every hour.
    • The winner of this event receives 25 SILK(S)
    • Please note the following:
      • There is a cool down on the trivia guesses so if you spam the bot even with the correct answer only seconds after the previous attempt the bot will ignore it.
      • Trivia event is case sensitive.
      • This can be won once per day per character
  • Kill the GM: An npc is spawned at Donwhang south gate
    • The winner of this event receives 175 SILK(S)
  • Hide and Seek: An npc is spawned somewhere on the map and you need to exchange with the npc to win the event. The location to look is posted at the time of the event running through notice. 
    • The winner of this event receives 100 SILK(S)
  • Battle Royale: Information about this event can be found here
    • The winner of this event receives 750 SILK(S)
  • Medusa: Medusa spawns at 21:30 website time daily and her room can be entered through the Donwhang teleporter.
  • JackPot (Silk Lottery): The winners of this event are announced at 17:30 website time and information can be found here about this event.
    • The total amount of silk(s) can vary in this event. The information listed above can shed more light on the payouts and how they happen.
  • Lottery: The winners of this event are announced at 21:25 website time and information can be found here about this event.
    • The total amount of silk(s) available in this event is 7750 total split between 15 players.

Everyday 35,000+ silks are up for grabs! That is the equivalent of $350 a day!!! That is upwards of $10,000 a month given to the users of Electus Online just for playing the game. Play2Win?... I think so.

A full list of unique drops of silk(s) and their spawn points can be found below.
As you can see Simulation, Baal, Dark Soul, Homicidal Santa, Fat Stone Boy,  Selket, Neith, Haroeris, Anubis, Isis, Princess Miyene, Medusa and Roc reward silk scrolls. You can use the Electus menu in game and check the event timers for these uniques.


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