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[Guide] Gold Lottery

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For the most current list of winners please visit and check the #lottery-winners channel

The following are easy instructions on how to participate in the Electus daily gold lottery

First some generalized information about the daily gold lottery event

  • The difference between the small and medium lottery tickets is 2 times
    • So a medium ticket is 2x the chances of success
  • The more ticket you buy a day the better your chances of winning one of the prizes
  • Winners will be announced everyday at 21:25 Website time
  • You can win the lottery event even if your not currently online at the time of drawing

As mentioned there are 2 typed of tickets. The small ticket and the medium ticket. The small ticket costs 125 million gold and the medium ticket will run you 275 million (but as mentioned the medium is double the chance of the small)

These can both be purchased via the Electus Shop NPC located in Donwhang behind the storage NPC. 

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