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[Guide] Silk Lottery

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Silk Lottery Event will automatically start at 19:30 website time on daily basis.
Players will add any silk amount they want into the event pool until 17:30 website time the following day
The winners will be announced the next day at 17:30 Server Time and the total pot will be distributed to [5] lucky players. (70% to 100% Ratio)

Key Points: You can win with ''1 silk'' entry. You may not win with ''5000 silk'' entry. The system records every silk entry separately, so if you add 5 silks, the first 5 numbers created in the system is yours (1-2-3-4-5), other guy adding 10 silks will create 10 numbers in the system (6 to 15) and so on. In the end, the system will choose 10 random numbers and if it's the number generated for your silk, officially, you're rich.

Note that, the system will also generate a single number between 80 and 100 which will represent the percentage of the total amount of silks in the pool. So, minimum of 80 and maximum of 100 percent of the silks collected in the pool will be given away to the 5 lucky players.

PS: You can win even if you're offline when the winners are announced, you will still get your silks for winning. Also if you relogged and Silk Lottery box turned to 0, don't panic, its just visual and your silk is stored fine. You can always see the TOTAL POT and HOW MUCH YOU ADDED on electus website (you have to login)

For the most current listing of JackPot winners please visit and check the channel labeled #silklottery-winners

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