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[Guide] Captain Quest Chinese

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The captain quest here on Electus is slightly different than that of normal isro or other pservers. The reason is that JG cave is not enabled in Electus. This being said the following guide will help you through the 'normal' steps as well as the change to the JG cave npc(s).

As a side note, the custom titles purchased from the titles NPC in Donwhang grant the same blue zerk as the following guide does. This being said there is no benefit to completing the blue zerk quest if you have a custom title.

Step #1

  1. Make your way to the western gate of Jangan and speak to General Sonhyeon. Take army test 1 quest by talking to this NPC.
    1. You will be transported to an area where NPC(s) will spawn and you will have to fight them. This ends when the notice appears and transports you our of the 'test' area. You will see a notice "You have passed the test".
  2. Make your way back to the Jangan west gate to speak to General Sonhyeon.
    1. After taking the Material for medicine quest You make your way out of west gate to the Exorcist's Home, to talk to the Exorcist Miaoryeong.
      1. He will send you to Jangan cave to kill Tomb Ghosts until they drop Stone Beast's Bell
        1. This is where direction differ from other guides for captains quest. The Tomb Ghost npc(s) are located just outside of the Jangan tomb. See picture below:
          1. captain_jg_cave_mobs.png.80ed5d27fa8d2e3cc1693596a98e923a.png
  3. When you receive the bell you need to talk to Buddhist Priest Jeonghye in Jangan and deliver the bell to him.
    1. The Buddhist Priest is in northeast Jangan in the spot pictured below:
      1. captain_jg_priest.png.662ff1ec5fa0093d1f71c092187e22b3.png
    2. After you turn in the bell talk to the Buddhist Priest again and click Spirit's Shell.
      1. Then choose imbue with the power of the Buddha
    3. Next you need to travel to southeastern Jangan to use (Right click) the bell in this approximate spot:
      1. captain_jg_sw_bell_use.png.f56c01b8c8102fa9a2933a19c8adb32b.png
        1. Kill the Old Tombstone Ghost that spawns then bring the shell to Miaoryeong the Exorcist.
          1. Picture
        2. Complete quest
  4. Obtain the quest Miaoryeong's charm from Miaoryeong the Exorcist.
    1. Bring an item to Hunter Associate Gwawki
  5. Obtain quest The Spirit from Hunter Associate Gwawki
    1. Travel to Niya Remains and trap niya generals until you obtain a normal spirit.(Right click to use The item in your inventory)
      1. Delivery the Normal Spirit to Miaoryeong the Exorcist.
    2. Complete quest
  6. Then speak to Miaoryeong the Exorcist about Piece of Spirit
    1. Summon the Soul
    2. You have to kill the lost soul in berserk mode
    3. Speak to Miaoryeong the Exorcist choose piece of spirit
      1. Begin the ritual
        1. Once you kill the lost soul with berserk you'll receive piece of spirit
          1. Bring piece of spirit to Miaoryeong the Exorcist
            1. picture
  7. Speak to Miaoryeong the Exorcist  and take quest new power
    1. Deliver piece of spirit to General Sonhyeon.
      1. Speak with General Sonhyeon about new power
        1. Give over piece of spirit
        2. Click eat the pill

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