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[Guide] Character Locking

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Character locking is very important as well as having a strong secure password for your account. This being said not every password is perfect so Electus offers the account lock feature. While your character is locked it will not be able to fuse, exchange, as well as many other protected features. Here is the basis on how it works.

First thing you need to do is access the Electus Menu by pressing F6 or clicking on the E inside the game itself. jp_e_menu.PNG.70d130a26248f48440b093fc30046a60.PNG
Then you will want to find the account lock button which is labeled with an icon and the words "Char Lock".  acct_lock-char-lock-button.PNG.ff8253b7f07fc8b440aeaeb4bbdf71ea.PNG

The next screen might be a little tricky looking but this is what you need to do:

Enter the email address you used to sign up with Electus where it says ""


Then you would enter a password where it says "Password" and enter it again to confirm it

This is a temporary password used to unlock the account next time you wish to use it

After that is done click "Set"

You should get this screen



To unlock your account you would enter the temporary password you set in step #2. Done successfully you will get this screen again until the next time you lock your account:


Any questions can be asked in discord

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