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[GUIDE] SRO Limits : Lag-Delay, Low FPS, Client Freeze, Clientless and White Emblems

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Hello there folks! Below, you will find explanation to SRO limits - that can not be fixed/optimized because it's technically impossible :/


Lag is basically same as delay. You usually don't call it delay but lag when it's not a ''massive delay.''  Lags are fixable in Silkroad. First, you have to find out what is the cause of LAG.

1. Internet Connection (Stability)

When your internet connection is not stable enough to keep up with the data being sent & received (YOUR PC < > SERVER) then you will start to have lags!

2. Internet Connection (Distance)

When your location is too far from our datacenter (Amsterdam/Netherlands) , for example; United States, Australia or even in Egypt, you will have minimum of 100 ms delay. The longer distance between <YOUR PC> and <OUR DATACENTER> is the higher delay you will have. 

Players in Europe usually have 30 to 70 ms delay which is perfect. However, for Turkish and Egyptian players it will be 70ms + , for USA 110ms +

3. Database & Networking Issue 

Technically, you might be lagging because the server you are playing in is experiencing issues because it's overloaded or not optimized well enough to deal with the thousands of connections at the same time. Needless to say, Electus did not have any database-networking related issue for more than a year now, thanks to LENOX' filter especially. 


First off, there is no fix/solution for this and there will NEVER BE. As you guys know this is a VERY OLD GAME and it was implemented in 2005  standards. There is no source code and no technicality-possibility to improve this. When there are so many players at one place, it will ''look like'' your PC is struggling to load it fast. This is why it's perfect when you are alone and goes to hell when you are in town. In short, crowded areas = LOW FPS and there is no way to fix this. Of course, if you have a good graphic card it will be better but still when there are so many people around you, there will not be much difference.


I'm quite sure this happened to you too. You are jobbing or fighting in survival arena and your screen freezes. Boom, it's gone. You have to relogin. The reason why that happen is simply because the amount of data sent to your client is way ''too much'' for the client to handle at that time so client goes like '' ?????????????!!!?!??'' and no response. Fix? There is no fix for this either which is sad.


Same story. When your client can not handle the amount of data sent to it, it goes to hell and which crashes the client. And no, there is no fix and there will never be.


There can be two reasons why you see the emblems white. Explained below.

1. BOT Relogin

When you relog with mbot or sbot, it loses connection to FTP server and you will see the emblems white then on. The only way to fix this is to restart your bot.

2. FTP Issues

This is basically when it goes to hell ''on our end''. Meaning that it's a problem that caused in our FTP server. In this case, you tell us to look into it. Easy fix - happens very rarely.

See ya guys later ^.^


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