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[GUIDE] Electus Battle Royale

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Event Basics
Electus Battle Royale Event is held in one of the most iconic regions in Silkroad map, Taklamakan.
For every Battle Royale Event, players have to create a new character in the same account.
The characters will have exact same items, level, sp and everything.

The map is full of monsters and they will drop HP, MP, speed potions, elixirs and various sox items.
You have limited time to make it to the next circle. The faster you farm, the more skills you learn, the more items you farm. So be quick.

If you fail to rotate into the next circle, you will lose ~10% HP every second and will eventually die. So you better be quick.




Event Time
The event will take place twice every day. 
17:00 - 18:00 23:30 - 00:30

The event will end with no winners if there are more than 1 player alive after 60 minutes!

Login Period
17:00 - 17:05 23:30 - 23:35


1. 2x Diamond Box. 4 Platinum Box (Find it in storage)
2. Winner Notice with your character name in all Electus Servers
3. Battle Royale champion role on discord for TOP BR Winner (Monthly)
To check the Battle Royale Ranking, Visit: Electus Rankings

1. Logging in

There will be several in-game notices (in all servers) before the Battle Royale Event starts. 

Once the event starts login server will be open only for 5 minutes.

You will have to LOG OFF from your account in other servers and LOGIN Battle Royale Server.
Login server will be closed after 5 minutes and you will not be able to login anymore!
During this 5 minute period, you will not get kicked out of the event even if your enemies kills you. You can just wake up if you die.

2. Kick Upon Death
You will get disconnected (kicked from the server/event) upon death starting from AFTER the 5 minutes / login server is closed.
You will see Battle Royale server under check status from then on, in other words, you can no longer login until the next event.
If you get disconnected out of the blue, it might be that you got 1 hit by your enemy, especially when you use bots to login - the bot will close the client immediately in that case.

Don't level up the skills while they are in use (or still have cooldown on them) especially when you use the bots to login.
There is absolutely no way to prevent a disconnect, you will be kicked because the bot will shut your client down.

3. Creating Your Character
After you login Battle Royale server,
- create a new character (required every time),
- start the game
- choose your build & stats.


-You will have enough SP to learn all the masteries without having to farm SP for them.
-Simply click on the stat / mastery you like to add and you willl automatically get it. (Above image)

In order to activate this menu, click on Electus Icon underneath minimap.
-To learn the skills however, you will need to farm skill points from the monsters.
- You will start with enough mana and 50% speed potion - You can later farm HP, damage scrolls and 100% speed scrolls from monsters.

4. Hunt & Survive
Kill as many monsters as you can and collect items, potions, elixirs and of course, vigor grains.
EU/CH item drop ratio is default. So you might just be unlucky and get CH items when you create an EU character. This is all about luck.

Yes, you also need luck. Random Boxes will spawn in circle number 2, 3 and 4. If you are lucky, you'll find some of them. Kill them and collect the SOX items.

There are also uniques in circle number 3 and 4. They drop high tier SOX items and Skill Points. Many of them.
SOX Items include tier 1 (SOS), tier 2 (SOA), tier 3 (SOE) and tier 4 (SOM).



5. Battle Royale Honor Buffs

We have a customized honor ranking system in Battle Royale Event.
Once the event starts, we will track your activities and grant honor buffs on the top 10 players once the last circle shrinks.
In order to farm more Honor Points, you need to kill as many players you can and farm chests and get unique kills.

Once the event is over, characters in every account and honor ranking will be removed.
Next event, you need to create a new character in your account.


Breaking the event rules might put you in trouble not only in the event but also in Electus Servers.
If you are playing in one of the Electus PVE servers, you better don't attempt to cheat because, if we find out you are ruining the event
by teaming up with your friends on teamspeak/discord call, it will end up with a harsh punishment.

 Teaming Up
Just like every other Battle Royale game, we are strict about Teaming Up.
Admins & Assistants will be monitoring Battle Royale Events. If players happen to team up or avoid fighting, they will punished with NO WARNING.

 Blind Spots
Hiding in blind spots outside the circle is consider cheating as well and will put you in trouble so you should always stay in the circle

1st Offense: Account Ban (Up to 48 hours)
2nd Offense: Account Ban (1 Week)
3rd Offense: Permanent Account, IP & PC Ban. 

The cheater will get banned for all accounts associated with his IP & PC.
That means, the player will not only get banned for the account he used in Battle Royale but all accounts he owns.

Hiding in Blind Spot
Hiding in blind spot (avoiding getting into the next circle) will be considered as cheating and will result in disconnect + ban. 
Ban period will be decided by the Admins/Assistants.

Admins can not always be there to monitor the event. If you see other players breaking the event rules,
Simply submit a ticket on the website with your photo/video proof.

Report a player using this link: 
Report a Player

Thank you for helping us to make the event better and more fun.

7. Create an Account
All you need to start to play is to create an account using this link: Register Account
Your account must be OFFLINE in other Electus Servers to login Battle Royale server.
8. Download the Client
You need Electus Client to join the event. Download the client using this link: Download the Client

This event is a complicated one and it might not work as expected time to time.
We are still working on optimizations for this Event.
You accept any kind of unexpected issue might happen during this event when you join it.

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