Electus Online

Nostalgia PVP Tournament


Just write your charname
Charnames: Yukie

Registration time is currently available
The registration is limited to 64 players and the rest will get in the waiting list incase some of registered people didn't show up.
Each Forum account can register for 1 account only.
You can enter with only 1 account, entering with more than one will get you disqualified from the event

There must be atleast 12 participates for the event to start
Any player doesn't show up on time will be disqualified without any explanation/announcement.
You cant change your equipment/weapon during the event (the moment you are teleported in, you play with what you have, this rule apply to beta event only)
Heavy Armor and Armor are banned (Except for Warrior without cleric. Apply to beta event only)


Rank #1: $50 + PVP Champion Title
Rank #2: $25
Rank #3: 2000 Silk

Best of 1 round until Semi Finals
Semi Finals : Best of 3 rounds
Grand Final : Best of 5 rounds


- Exchanging items (including potion/vigor) without Admins permission during the event will result in disqualification + temporary ban
- Using firewall is limited to 1 use per round
attempting to join the event with more than 1 char will automatically disqualify all your accounts
BICHEON STR IS Banned from PVP Tournament. (Including hybrid)

Due to fact bladers are not kill-able when they equip armor and hold a shield and it became a meta to win PvP tournaments now.

PvP tournaments are supposed to be fun to watch, based on some player skills, diversity of the builds and challenges.

Due to reasons explained above, we are banning this build from PvP Tournaments for now.

We rather have STR Bicheon build played in the server, rather than (only) used to win PvP tournaments, therefore we are and we will boost blader build but exclude it from the tournaments.

Devil Spirit/Angel Spirit skills
Vital Increase (Warrior)
Legendary Skills
Body Deity, Mental Deity
Body Blessing, Mental Blessing
Iron & Mana skins 
Healing (Apply to STR Chinese only)
Screens (Warrior Buff)
Active Sockets (Passive sockets are allowed)
Deep Slumber
Life Turnover (including godsend)
Heaven Flash
Heaven Glare
Healing Favor
Group Healing Breath

1. Admins have rights to pause/cancel the event / change the rules on the fly if the PvP is taking too long (or such).
2. Rules are not the same for every PVP scenario. It depends on the build's and admin's decision.
3. Players breaking the rules set by admin stated above will be kicked out of the event and might also be punished.
4. The only judge is the event hoster admin and players questioning the decisions made might be punished and even disqualified.
5. Admins have rights to disqualify players
6. Players sending provocative globals (regarding they are event participants or not) regarding admin's decisions will be punished
7. This thread might be updated without a prior notice. It's players responsibility to stay up to date!
8. Fire-Icewalls can be used only once per round and can be used AFTER the PVP is started.
9. On admins call there might be given out Damage Scrolls or the usage of Devil / Angel Spirit will be allowed for a certain round if it takes to long to finish. This sticks only to the ongoing round and might get revoked after.
9. When you register for the PvP Tournament, you accept that the admins might teleport you to PvP area with no prior notice.

You accept the terms above by registering the tournament.

Q & A

Q. If I win a PVP Tournament, can I join again?
A. Yes, you can join and claim the rewards again if you win again - except for Electus Champion title.

Q. Exchanging items in PVP area
A. There is no exception for this rule and you will be disqualified with no prior notice and expect a ban on top.

Q. Offering Skill
A. Offering skill is banned from the event. You can't use the skill at all.

Q. Healing
A. Healing is allowed in every pvp except for Warrior/Cleric vs Warrior/Cleric. Healing can be used several times only.
Spamming Heal/Shield will result in disqualification.

Q. Healing Cycle
Healing cycle is allowed for everyone. There is no limit; except, switching to shield/cleric only to re-use ''Healing Cycle'' while the skill is already in use will count as shield spam.

Q. Can Warrior/Rogue's use ''Recovery - Godsend'' skills?
A. Yes, they can use that skill. The skill is created specifically for PVP

Q. Spamming shield / heal - Disqualification
A. There will be only 1 warning for spamming the shield/heal. Second time you spam it, you're disqualified.
However, if you spam the shield on purpose when you know you're about to die - you might also be disqualified without a warning.
It's upon admin's decision. Play fair.

Additional rules for 2v2 event


Final: Best of 5 rounds.

Allowed buffs/skills;

  • Cleric; Phy/mag defense skills are allowed.
  • Bard; Bard buffs are allowed.

Banned buffs/skills

  • Cleric; Bless spell is NOT allowed.
  • Cleric; Gluts spell is NOT allowed.
  • Warlock; Reflect/Advanced Reflect and Scream mask skills are NOT allowed.
  • Warrior; ''Physical Screen'' ''Morale Screen'' ''Ultimate Screen'' skills are NOT allowed.
  • Bard/Cleric; Offering skills are not allowed.
  • Warlock; Slumber/Deep Slumber skills are not allowed.
  • Sockets; Any type of ''Active'' socket usage is not allowed.
  • Warrior; ''Pain Quota'' ''Physical Fence'' ''Magical Fence'' skills are not allowed.
  • Chinese; '' Celestial Protection '' a.k.a. Chinese Pain is not allowed.
  • General; Spamming KD skills is not allowed.

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