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On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 6:52 PM, umutsivikk said:

Guys anyone can help me to solve ''Win Error :CreateProcessA (2)'' problem ?? Please :'(


Added Bot Folder to Antivirus Exceptions + RE-Extracted Bot Files replacing all.

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I am now getting a BSObj Plugin error.

anyone know how to fix this?



EDIT: OK I have found the culprit. Basically this error must have happened because my Electus client was not Updated.

After launching the client and updating the bot launched into the game correctly.

Edited by MrPink

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On 2018. 08. 02. at 1:51 PM, cris said:


I have a problem with second launcher. First bot works fine, but when i open the second client, i got the error "file not found".

Please help me to fix this.

Thank you.


electus error.JPG

Run it from different folder

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1 hour ago, CN_CCTC13 said:

Chinese players need Chinese version of SBOT

At this time we only offer the one mbot version.. I will bring this to the GM/GA attention however though because we strive to be multi-lingual.

ty for the suggestion.

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Pr0x said this in discord the other day...


We have recently contacted Bot-Cave for a partnership. We are hoping to get a custom sbot version that can be used only to login Electus Online which will be paid by Electus Team. If we can make that happen, you will be able to use original Sbot for free (Only in Electus). We hope to get back to you with the good news in a few weeks. (edited)


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2 hours ago, T0P said:



it's not working ? like this ? unknown error ? want update ?

Use no username or password leave them blank, then click on login.

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Could you kindly check it again?!

Your Mbot file in homepage is included trojan, virus so i can not use it.

Please upload clean one...Thanks you.

Awaiting :(


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