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Discord Roles Achievements

All roles are permanent, except for Nitro Booster. 

Rank #1 Job Kills League

Will receive #1 Job Kills League Badge on Discord

Rank #1 Unique Kills League

Will receive #1 Unique Kills League Badge on Discord

Rank #1 Survival Kills League

Will receive #1 Survival Kills League Badge on Discord

Rank #1 Job Activity League

Will receive #1 Job Activity League Badge on Discord

Fortress War Winners

Will receive Fortress War winners Badge on Discord

PVP Tournament Winners

Will receive PVP Tournament Winner Badge on Discord

Buying Presale

Will receive Hype Train Badge on Discord

Being loyal to Electus. Staying and helping people on Discord server for years

Will receive Loyal Player Badge on Discord. (This is granted by admins, not upon request)

Helping new players with information about electus

Will receive Helpful Player Badge on Discord (This is granted by admins, not upon request)

Boosting Electus Discord With Nitro

Will receive Nitro Booster Badge on Discord

Revision - Fortress War Slayer

Guild with #1 Kills in Fortress War will get Revision - Fortress War Slayer Badge on Discord (every member of the guild, either they won or not)

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