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Electus Online

Babel FW Competition Violation Announcement

Babel Server, Fortress War Competition War #1 and #2 took place in a fair way and prize (cash) paid to the winner guilds.

This week, we have spotted two unions merging/teaming up and violating the rules set for FW Cash reward. The guild who occupied Hotan Fortress
''HallOfFlame'' will not receive the winner prize because of violating the following rule;


As Electus Team, our goal is to provide a fair-play environment and rewarding our community. It's our responsibility to monitor the events and take action where necessarily. On the date of 17/07/2020, the violation of event rule was 100% obvious EarthGh0st guild (HallOfFlame's previous guildname) was teaming up with HallOfFlame. This is final decision and and will not change. 


  • The decision was based on admins monitoring the fortress war first of all. We witnessed obvious teaming up by EarthGh0st guild backing up HallOfFlame. With no doubt, they were in contact before and during the war.
  • We also received media from the fortress war participants which supported the decision we made. 
  • We have stored and backed up all required proof in case it's necessary to make another public announcement and will share it where necessary.


  • HallOfFlame guild won the fortress war as a part of the game. However, they did not win FW Competition and will not receive the FW Competition Cash ($2000) because they violated the contest rules / did not comply with the rules.
  • Fortress ownership will be removed from HallOfFlame and the next Fortress Wars will take place in Bandit or Jangan. This will be determined on weekly update (changelog). Owner of mentioned guild below is also banned permanently for provoking and spreading false information on Elitepvpers. Electus Team will not tolerate any individual or guild to spread false information on socials. We will continue to follow our fair-play environment with these decisions.
  • download.png
  • If the same guilds provocate and cause cancellation of FW Competition 1 more time, they will be disqualified from the FW competition completely and receive account penalties on top.

    We have made numerious announcements and warnings about ''Teaming Up'' situation before server release, during Babel Server on Discord/Ingame and also before the fortress war start. Therefore responsibility of these consequences explained above is on the guilds who violated the rules.

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