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What will happen to those with IP & PC bans from the previous seasons?


1. We have (unfortunately) banned around 1000 players due to various reason such as, (attempting to) cheating, (attempting to) abusing bugs, insulting Electus Team members, spreading false information about Electus server, provocating the server in the game via chat, using illegal software (software other than Alchemy Tool, Sbot, Mbot), chargebacks, selling silks for cash and so on in our 100 Cap server.

2. Those IP-PC bans are permanent. That means if you or your friends got IP-PC banned in previous season, they won't be able to play Electus 110 Cap. It's proven that we are very strict when the players push the limits and attempt to abuse things. This is because it's our number one goal is to make the server 100% fair for everyone. That being said, a ban is a ban and we are not going to remove the bans unless the banned player follows the below guide and request unban individually.

- Send a ticket on https://electus.online/en/support and provide with these information:

1. Your old username
2. The reason why you got banned (Be honest, it's okay)
3. A statement that points out you read and understand Electus Terms of Service and the Server Rules (Find the links below) and you promise to follow them

After you submit the ticket, we will remove your IP-PC ban most likely (not every case). However, your account, ip, pc information will be kept in our ''Redlist'' and your accounts and the logs will be tracked periodically. If you break any rule ever again, your name will be put in Electus Blacklist permanently and you will not be able to join any Electus server whatsoever. If you don't break any rule in 90 Cap server, your user information will be removed from the Redlist.

Rules : http://electus.online/rules
ToS : http://electus.online/termsofuse

In the end, we are all human and we make mistakes. We are here to save the day for you if you promise to be a good man. We wish you all a happy journey in our upcoming server. 

The Best,
~Electus Online

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