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Guest Berry

Electus on Linux

(Beware, this was tested on Manjaro with Linux Kernel 4.19)

Since Electus uses some special DirectX 9 DLLs, running it isn't as trivial as it is on other Silkroad Private servers, but worry not as it's quite simple to get Electus running on Linux. For this to work you'll need:
1. Lutris 
    a. To get Lutris simply open your terminal and type in


sudo pacman -S lutris

if you're on Arch-based distros or 


sudo apt-get install lutris

if you're on Ubuntu OR reference if you're on some other distro
2. Winetricks (this should be included with lutris, however if you don't have it replace lutris with winetricks in the above commands
3. Proton 4.2 (this can be downloaded through the Steam client), it might work on some versions of wine, however for me it crashed on the login screen with wine while it didn't with proton.

Once you have lutris installed, simply add a new game on lutirs (by pressing the + icon in the left top corner), set up the name and set the runner to Wine, then in the Game Options tab, add the Silkroad.exe as your executable and set the prefix architecture to 64-bit, in the runner options select the following:
once you're done, click save. now you're going to have to customize the winecfg for the specific game to override the dlls, you do this by clicking on Winetricks in the Lutris window (if you don't see it, just scroll down):
afterwards you select the "Select default wineprefix" option and click OK, in the following prompt you select Run winecfg and click ok, this should open another prompt, in the following prompt navigate to Libraries
then you simply look for d3dx9_43, if it's in the list - remove it, once you made sure that the dll is not in the list add d3dx9_43.dll as a new override library and do the same to electus.dll then click apply.
Congratz, now you should be able to run Electus, HOWEVER since Electus ships with shitty settings you might have an issue where most of the screen is black, you can circumvent this by either setting your monitor resolution to 1024x768 or using these settings (just plop em into your electus folder and the resolution should be 1920x1080 when you launch)

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In theory this should also work for mBot (same steps just the executable should change), however as I'm currently busy with irl stuff I dunno for sure, maybe some god linux guru can test it out and make sure it works (if it doesn't then there's a way to simply start an explorer, which would allow you to start mbot and then from mbot you can start electus)

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mBot is unfortunately not working due to weird ass loader that doesn't play well with Wine, HOWEVER sBot works flawlessly all you have to do is:
After you confirm that Electus is running swell, replace the executable that lutris is pointing to with sbot.exe instead of Electus.exe and everything else should run just fine 
Error -3 persists to Wine as well, to fit it just disable the extra security and you'll be good to go. 
Client might freeze during the first boot-up, if it does simply restart the client and try again.
Not all features of sBot were tested as I didn't have enough time to run through all of them, but as far as I'm aware all core features work exactly as intended

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Hi mate! I'm running this on Ubuntu 18.04 with just wine installed. Both the game and sBot work without any tinkering. The only issue I sometimes have is that I need to try logging in several times before it succeeds (HWID doesn't get sent for some reason). I miiight have installed something other than wine earlier, but I don't think so. 


The point being, for people reading this, you can try it out with just Wine if running 18.04+, might be worth a shot :)

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